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Pyren' Escape near Arreau

the Pyrénées, France 🇫🇷        ✉️

since April 2023, offering:

🚪‍3 private rooms from €530/fortnight €870/month €750/month (long-stay) 👯‍♂️‍6 dormitory beds single bed in twin room from €350/fortnight €600/month €510/month (long-stay) 🛖3  studios  small coliving, ⛰️ mountains, 🌲 rural, 🤔 workroom, 👩‍💻 workations, 🚲 bikes, 👯 teams, 🚶‍♂️ hiking, 🌷 garden, 👨‍👩‍👧 families, 👫 couples, ⛷️ skiing 15mins drive 🚍 busline 963 (65) at Guchen–Route d'Arreau, 10mins walk (40mins to Lannemezan station) 📅 seasonal May–June, Sep–Nov 💬 Wrong details?

Reconcile work and pleasure, in a dream setting — the heart of the Pyrenees mountains. Our mission is to give you access to a rich, intense and meaningful life, a boost to your professional projects, and oxygen to your personal life.

Forget about traffic jams and pollution, here it's nature and clean air that await you at each of your coffee breaks! Our mountain coliving allows you access to a life-size playground, led by a community of free and creative minds: digital nomads, freelancers, remote workers, artists, athletes…

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Pyren’escape is a truly magical find! As an expat living in busy Lisbon I crave the outdoors and the peacefulness of mountains and the countryside. I was lucky enough to discover this gem as I had never been to the Pyrenees and wanted to hike and see the area. It completely surpassed my expectations. The house was spacious, comfortable and in a stunning idyllic location on a hillside. Running trails nearby and perfect for relaxing in the garden or yoga. The community of people during my stay were lovely and Vincent and family make sure to help you feel welcome. We had optional activities together like dinner or hiking, or a music festival. But plenty of time to work or do whatever you want. The area is stunning, to me I preferred it to the alps for accessibility and a community feel. The local restaurants and food are also excellent. Fresh produce, markets, and Michelin standard restaurants that are still affordable. You can also order organic veggies from the neighbour which were delicious. The market in Arreau is also impressive- cheese and other local produce. Vincent showed us local hikes and we foraged for mushrooms- I came without a car and it was no problem. Although if you want lots of freedom and to arrive without public transport, a car is better! I ended up having a room to myself and woke up every morning to beautiful views . I came in Autumn which was perfect weather wise but would love to see it in ski season or summer. Whether you’re a coliver, nomad or just want to explore the area, I can’t recommend Pyren’escape highly enough! 5 stars! ⭐️
First experience in a mountain coliving ! A great option to work while discovering the wonderful treasures of the French Pyrénées. I really appreciated the set-up of the co-working space as I could switch from desk to sofa :) and also work outside which is an important for me to be creative and focused. You also have all you need and more to cook which is very convenient when you are a digital nomad :) The best is to try it !
I came with zero expectation to stay at this co-living in French Pyrenees, but it turned out this was one of my best co-living experience. Vincent ( the owner ) and the family are very passionate about the project and involved in the community, and he also tried to connect the co-livers with the local people. The place has a good co-working space, we can choose to work from "the office", living room, or at the terrace with the view! The co-living is very spacey, so you also have some space for yourself. The location is close to the nature and offers us plenty activities around the areas like rafting, canyoning, hiking, paragliding, skiing etc. We also had some activities indoor like board game & raclette night.
I spent two weeks staying in the Pyren’Escape coliving in June and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Outside of the beautiful nature and surroundings, the people you meet there are incredible. We had a great time cooking, dancing and laughing during this time. Unfortunately I was working the days they went hiking but will definitely be back to experience the coliving and the Pyrenees more.
As a long-time remote worker, I finally had my first coliving experience in the French Pyrenees mountains, and it exceeded all my expectations. The stunning views from the house left me breathless, while the fast and reliable internet connection on the coworking room kept me productive. With a vibrant local market, thrilling outdoor activities like mountain biking and paragliding, and countless hiking trails, there was never a dull moment. I also had the opportunity to engage with the community, learning from a friendly neighbor's gardening expertise. Vincent, the manager, played an integral role in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. This coliving space is a remote worker's dream come true, offering a perfect blend of work, adventure, and community. Highly recommended.
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