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Sojuela Joven near Logroño

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Where rural charm meets modern convenience in the heart of La Rioja.

Our beautifully restored house provides ample space for working on your personal projects and living a full life without any hassle. Spread across three different floors, our space offers a unique blend of comfort, privacy, and community.

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Five stars simply don't do justice to this rural paradise! From the moment I stepped foot into this place, it felt like finding a slice of heaven on Earth. Over the past two months, I have had a lot of fun ! The community is very welcoming and friendly , and the atmosphere of the house is just impeccable! The house has everything you need ! Each room has its own bathroom , very privacy friendly . The living room area is cozy , with a chimney and a projector for movie nights . The variety and quality of food are unmatched, and the wine selection is nothing short of exceptional. My highlight is the pizza oven! Where pizza is served once a week with different toppings. Two months spent in this impeccable abode felt like a dream. The garden has different lettuces you can pluck and relish fresh - it's a gourmet's delight! And there is even a chicken house, which I find charming, providing fresh eggs for a breakfast straight out of a storybook. There is also a nice patio where you can make barbecue, and instead of coal you can just pick up pines from the forest nearby ! For wine aficionados, the cellar is a treasure trove, and what's even better is the unbelievably affordable price! Returning here is a certainty! It's an absolute must-visit, particularly for young adults seeking solace away from the city's chaos. Highly recommended, without a doubt
Great training courses, great people and great wine, definitely recommended
I loved the experience. I have been surprised by the good vibes that exist among the people who live here. The house is very clean and super well insulated, which allows you to have the necessary peace of mind, even if there are other people in another area. Every day someone cooks, this has allowed me to try foods from different places around the world. I have lived in other colivings, and the difference is that here I have felt welcomed from the first moment I arrived, I have met people younger than me, with great depth in their approaches to life that have been very nice to share. They have helped me discover the natural environment of the mountain, and fall in love with the environment where the house is located. Everything is shared in a very familiar way, combining the tranquility of the rural world, with the excitement of the exchange of ideas between international young people, in an ideal house.
My experience at Sojuela's Co-Living was very good! The atmosphere in the house is positive, the village of Sojuela is charming, despite being small. It is the ideal place for those who want to work and/or spend time in a peaceful place.
A cozy and comfortable coliving, surrounded by nature and at the same time close to Logroño. The house has everything you need and the staff is very friendly and attentive. Highly recommended
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