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Melnica Space Zaoksky

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Friends, hello everyone! In May 2021 we participated in the Mill volunteer program. I will try to briefly tell you how it was and what kind of place it was. How to participate: find on instagram fill out an application and wait for confirmation. The guys answered me quickly enough, despite the fact that I came with a dog and asked a lot of questions. What is this place: a former farm (?) Where grain was ground at one time, which is constantly developing and accepting new creative projects on its territory. How to get there: train to Tarusskaya station (from Kurskaya) ~ 2.5 hours ticket about 300 rubles + 10 minutes by taxi from the station to the Melnitsa Why go: Firstly, any volunteer activity implies help: with hands, feet, talent, creativity. All that you are ready to share! The balance is maintained due to a very warm welcome, absolute empathy, where everyone is equal, and of course the beauty of nature and fresh air fills you very well and gives you the opportunity to "overload". Meet new people, learn new super tasty recipes from the magical Olya, discuss the solar battery system with Sergey, or enjoy the grace of horses, live in a cube house, lie in a hammock. What to take with you: personal hygiene items, a sleeping bag (if the weather is so-so), an air mattress, rubber boots. This place is definitely worth visiting and diving into. I sincerely wish all the family who live in the Mill to have their four-leafed leaves bloom and bloom! We will be glad to come again next year.
Чем то напомнило город zero поповка Крым. Жаль что все выглядет заброшенным
Fully corresponds to the category of 1 star. The price / quality ratio impressed, if not angered. Dirt, unsanitary conditions, lack of basic conditions. More than not comfortable. A completely unfinished conceptual project. It has nothing to do with Art space. Is that the panties of the owners drying in a conspicuous place. It is very clear that the owners are specialists in media communications and have no experience in hospitality. Obviously people are temporary in this.
Very nice place with nice owners, thanks to them it has its own atmosphere, you can say your soul. Stunning breakfasts from farm products. The room itself is made in the style of a loft, but somehow not very intrusive. The feeling that you were somewhere in Europe.
Curious place. It is a pity that it fell into decay and it seems that soon it will completely "end".

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