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Place is good but Electricity failure issue 7-8 times in a single stay every time for 15-20 mins. They donโ€™t have backups as well. They allotted deluxe room but our booking was super deluxe as they had some work going on. Staff is so co-operative and kind. They were sorry for electricity issues. Location is very nice we get river facing balconies and beach is also at a distance of 100-150 meters.
We booked the room to get freshen up in early morning so we could ahead to bheemashankar jyotirlinga very early . Regards we spoke to booking manager in evening itself , We would reach by 5 am in early morning . and get ready and we can move to our plan further and by evening we will check out . ideally we need room for 2 hours max . we paid for this 1700/- in advanced . We reached by our planned way early by 5 am . The watch man guy was sleeping by time . He did not allow us to get inside . He made us to sit out side in cold for 2.5 hours . result we were caught by cold , fever . I had to go to washroom early morning after a long journey . the watch man was so rude. he was not ready to inform to his owner regarding our reach . neither was ready to allow us for washroom . he was so rude. he was behaving as he is in deep sleep . And not at interested to entertain us. Felt like humanity does exist . I called owner 25 times . screen shot attached. this just from one phone there were multiple calls were made from another no too. After requesting multiple times he opened the washroom .and room ,the room was not that neat and clean what ever is shown is advertisement. that is fake . with this amount guys you can get better hotel . and at least they will treat like human and will be responsible staff . so since i caught by cold after sitting outside in cold 2.5 hours . I requested him to get me at least hot tea so I can feel little better . but "what a humanity " he said he will get tea for me from lane 5 if i pay him tip . where I Gave him 50/- to get tea for me and his tip . he said he was want 50/- for himself only as he did so much for me , in emergency he opened the washroom for me . Oh god I saw first person in my life who thinks he did a great favor by allowing to go to washroom .later he got tea in 25/- rest he kept. later he was asking more money too to allowing us early . around 9 am i got call from owner saying he does not pick the call at mid night . I don't understand how can you behave like irresponsible person . later on conversation we found the second owner was inside the premises but the watchman did not ask him purposely. The watch man so greedy he was keep repeating he wants extra money as he gets only 7000 from company .I had worst exp. I would never suggest this option to anyone . please read our exp before making a booking.
I recently had the pleasure of staying at this property, and I must say, it provided a wonderfully calming and relaxing atmosphere throughout my stay. The location itself is simply stunning, adding to the overall appeal of the place. I am already looking forward to my next visit and can confidently say that I will be returning to this charming property in the future.
Washing machine is not working properly,staffs are very arrogant and not helpful,breakfast was not provided badsheet with dirty bed overall experience is very bad,no mosquito coil. If you are poor person and you don't have money to book good hostel and hotel then you can book it but through their own portal of urban nomads then you will got hostel in very cheap price 370 rupee per bed one night But if you will book through online then you have to pay 700 per bed one night
The Speed Dating event which is organised here is absolutely disappointing. I booked the ticket from Book My Show. They charge exorbitant fees from male participants and a minimal rate from female participants. They didn't have the equal ratio as promised in their description. The activities were poorly held. Even though they charged a good amount, there were no proper food items served. Some people didn't even get any food. Overall there was utter mismanagement.
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