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Hive San Francisco

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🚪‍23 private rooms from €1070/month 👯‍♂️‍ dormitory beds from €575/month 🥈high ranking,  mid-size coliving, 🏙 city, 🎪 regular events, ⌨️ ergonomic coworking, 🏋️ gym, 📶 fibre, 🚌 transit, 🧺 housekeeping, 👫 couples +$150/month 📝 by-application deposit and credit check; long waitlist 💬 Wrong details?

Discover more than just housing – at Hive Coliving, you'll find a thriving community where unique living experiences come to life.

We are an all-inclusive, community-first coliving space and strive to create a culture of collaboration, open communication, and mutual respect. Our members enjoy access to a wide range of activities and amenities such as creative workshops, yoga classes, outdoor movie screenings, rooftop barbecues, and more! Whether you're here for business or pleasure, Hive is the perfect place to call home.

Formerly Tribe Coliving.

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This is hands down the best place I’ve ever lived. The community is super diverse and everyone is super supportive of each other’s endeavors! There’s equal representation of all genders, sexualities, and so many different ethnic backgrounds! It’s like having the whole world under one roof, there’s nothing like it! Furthermore, there’s acceptance without pretense. The people here have become my family, and they express that in the most beautiful and heartfelt ways everyday! Not to mention all of the fun events that we do!!! Moving here was the best decision of my life 💖
Came here to visit for a short span of time to visit a friend but spent a lot of time at Tribe while I was here. For anyone new to the area or just looking to make friends, it's a fantastic environment. Everyone was super friendly and inclusive. There are always events happening with group chats coordinating nights out or game nights and there is a niche for everybody, whatever you're into. Aside from individual bedrooms, it's a shared space so it has that dorm feel to it but much more taken care of in terms of cleanliness. All around awesome experience!
Worst service ever received. In my experience, they joked with me. I did the interviews and everything, and they told me that they were going to send me the contract but it never arrived. When I called them, it was a 30 min call where they tried to find excuses: since they weren’t giving me any reason, I was proposing random excuses to see how they would have reacted and they always said “ oh yes this is the reason” then I showed them that that reason wasn’t neither logic nor true and I proposed another fake one and again they said “ oh yes this is the true one sure sorry” but again I was proposing random and fake reasons to see how they reacted, and indeed they continue to make fun of me. In the end, 2 days before the departure they told me that I didn’t have a place at their building. I didn’t live inside in the building, but for sure I won’t neither in future.
Instant friends. Quiet hours are adhered to. Never had to wait for a bathroom, shower, or sink.
Great place to move to, especially if you don't know anyone in SF! Its a very easy way to meet a lot of other young people.
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