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PodShare San Diego

California, USA 🇺🇸  ·  and 4 other locations  ·        ✉️

All PodShare locations have a $15 daypass for daytime access to all the common facilities except pods.

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The San Diego podshare is such a comfortable stay! Great location and you can't beat the price. Elle is a wonderful host, too :)
My experience staining in this location was horrible. I rented a monthly pod and I paid in full before my arrival. When I got there they told me that this location was overbooked and they didn't know about my arrival, though I contacted them 2 times asking questions about my reservation. In the end they find a pod for me but the day after while I going to a business appointment they asked me to switch pods. At the moment I could move all my stuff otherwise I will get late to my appointment, so I told them that I will do it later. The front desk guy was firm and asked me to move my stuff right now otherwise someone from the stuff is going to do it for me. For me this was really rude an inappropriate, so I contacted the manager. The manger told me the same thing: I either move my stuff right now or I leave the hotel. He did offered a refund and I was considering getting it since all the staff was really rude, so I told him to give me some time to check other hotels availability ( this happened during full summer season in San Diego). After 10 minutes from that conversation and while I was looking for another place to stay, the front desk guy came to me and told me that the manager cancelled the reservation and that I'm illegally staying in that hotel. At that point I had to leavee the hotel. I was evicted from the hotel without a reason, I didn't broke any rule that I was aware of, I was just unable to move my stuff in the moment since I had an business appointment; that in the end I had to cancel because I didn't have a place to sleep anymore. What I was asking was a couple of hours to be able to do my stuff. Avoid this location if you don't want to have a stressful stay in San Diego. ITH colive and other hostel around offer better price, more amenities and they have a lovely stuff that tries to accommodate guests.
To say that this was frustrating stay is an understatement. First, there is no air conditioning in this fully concrete building. It is BOILING and there are no fans or anything. When looking for some water that might be in the "communal kitchen", there was no water and instead was the messiest and dirtiest refrigerator I had ever seen. The only reason this place gets 2 stars is because the lady up at the front was friendly and let us use storage/locker space after we checked out free of charge.
Interesting my review keeps getting deleted. Anyway the building reaches 80-90 degrees they play favourites with people who have paid for alot of time in advance the tenants bully there is a terrible bed bug problem the internet is constantly down and there's mold in the bathroom I'll keep making this review no matter how many times you keep deleting it to save face sp quit wasting your time
If you want covid, this is the best place for you because not only is there no privacy, but they also don’t wear masks at all times.

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