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PodShare San Diego

in California, the USA 🇺🇸 and 3 other locations    ✉️


👯‍♂️‍ dormitory beds from €460/fortnight €810/month  mid-size coliving, 🏙 city, 🚌 transit, 🦺 volunteering, 💬 Wrong details?

All PodShare locations have a $15 daypass for daytime access to all the common facilities except pods.

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So I’ve read through quite a few of these reviews, and it seems like there are a lot of people who book this hostel expecting it to be like a hotel. A hostel is not a hotel. Podshare does not have curtains for the beds, and I was uncomfortable with that, but everything else was terrific. Even though there were quite a few guests staying, I didn’t have any problems with the 2 bathrooms they had downstairs. I was able to get up around 7 and take a nice shower and dry my hair without being in anyone’s way. One of the bathrooms is located in the same room that the beds for ease of having to get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, and the other one was located off of the common area. It was considerate and used the common area one when showering in the morning, so as not to wake anybody else up and hat’s the general vibe there is people were pretty considerate of each other. I did see a couple people left their cubby light on when they should’ve turned it out while they weren’t there. Which curtains would’ve helped. There was community food that was left from other guests and I made breakfast home fries for everybody with what was there. Life is what you make it. Erica was super friendly and helpful and a pleasure to sit and talk to in the morning. If you’re not ready for an organic homegrown community experience, go stay at the Hilton. This is a really easy-going experience and you have great opportunities to meet interesting people from all over the world. I found everyone there to be extremely respectful. Oh, and by the way… narry, a SINGLE bedbug. So my walkaway review is: I had a pleasant day with nice people, would’ve preferred to have curtain or privacy screen to block the light her mother pods stay, I didn’t have a problem with the heat, although I was a little chilly at night and could’ve used an extra blanket.
Where to start; infested with bed bugs. Heat treatments were performed with 2 days notice telling you that the property will be closed from 12 to 6 for 2 consecutive days in a row. Upon returning at 6:00 pm to find it over 100 degrees inside and completely kiinhabitable due to heat machines, furniture moved all over and no ventilation. The property was fully booked however no one could stay due to conditions. Approaching the Owner with concerns she will kick you out, even if you are prepaid for the month. I have never seen a business exterminate for bugs while with full occupancy and expect guests to live with the inconvenience. Just know that if you book here, these extermination are performed without closing the podshare and you might get 2 days notice, however they do not inform you of the inhabitability. The Owner doesn't think that any of this is a problem 😕. Can't imagine her other locations are any better. Many other nice hostels in the area. You don't need to Subject yourself to this type of environment.
My husband and I used the PodShare bag storage service to leave our bags between our Airbnb check out and our 9pm flight out of SD. A liiittle tricky to find, but once we found it it was really easy to drop off our bags, and super simple to pick them up. The hostel host was really friendly and helpful.
Steven is extremely rude. he does not say hello when talked to and gives commands like he owns the place. they keep the lights on all night and have no curtesy to their customers. as a general manager i can say this place is operated horribly! get new staff who enjoy people and speak when spoken to. don’t keep the lights on all night out of respect for others. it’s ridiculous that you can’t turn the lights off in your room. never coming back. not going to complain about the noise as that’s kind of expected when staying with 20+ people. At least put some curtains on the damn beds so people can sleep. after all that’s what beds are for.
Good hostel. More air movement in sleeping area would be welcome. Bunks are solidly built so even thought it's pretty open you don't hear many noises when people move in their beds.
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