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Losodeli Puerto Escondido

in Mexico 🇲🇽      ✉️


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Didn’t love this hostel and ended up leaving early and they refused to refund me, which I know they have done for other travelers. The main problem was that most people were much older than me and not super warm or friendly (I am 22 and others were mid-late 30’s vibes.) The dorms also just had beds in the open and no privacy curtains which was super awkward. Pool area was gorgeous and had a cute hostel cat. Hostel could’ve been better located right on the beach — about an 8 minute walk to Rinconada strip. Something kind of weird also about how run-down/underdeveloped the surrounding streets were, versus this place with its walled-off compound like a fort.
Loved this place! The rooms were clean and perfect. Also the co working space was convenient for work with high speed internet. Really had a great time as the Scottish volunteers were friendly and welcoming. Reception was also helpful. Location was a little far from the main areas in town however the local bus was not too far and cheap too. Overall would reccomend this place for travellers.
I came to Puerto Escondido to surf, never stayed at a co-working spot, wanted a good home base away from all the noise that had solid internet for work. It's been everything I was looking for and more. I speak only bare minimum Spanish so wasn't sure if I'd feel lost but everyone that works here has been wonderfully kind, given me tips on all the best food, drink and nature spots, helped me out since day 1. Activities here are great, good variety, if you go to a few you'll meet some cool people and then get whisked away in the flow having the best times. One day I had a major surf wipe out where I landed in a bunch of sea urchins, I asked one of the workers if they had tweazers, they actually sat me down and for a grueling hour helped take each individual spine out of my hands and feet. Totally saved me a hospital trip. Forever grateful. Very sweet and genuine people. Thank you for making my Puerto trip a blast!!
This place is awesome. I stayed for a week, had an amazing time. It has such a great energy! It’s clean, the pool is crystal clear. WiFi works, co working areas and booths for calls. Thank you to the wonderful volunteers Diana and Eduardo. The area is also very good, lots of options and nice beaches around. Aaah, and the food is great!
I had a lovely experience here. The staff is well chosen, they love what they do and lead group activities well. The pool is nice and well kept. The entire property is optimized for remote workers. They will clean your room every day, The only thing I would suggest is an interior update inside the rooms, the fluorescent lighting is not flattering and frankly a little scary looking. And a hostel should always have blankets available, whether it’s warm weather or not, and they simply didn’t stock any. Because for me I like to sleep with air conditioning on and a blanket.
this was one of the best hostel I've ever been to. The atmosphere is great, you can always retreat when you need it, or sit comfortably together at the bar in the evening. Everyone is very friendly and there is always something happening with the people from the hostel. The cafe right next door is super good and cheap. the rooms are only 4 rooms and it is very clean. I can only recommend it here! & Kamelia who works here is great, she always greets you warmly and asks you anything if you have any questions. Will miss it here!
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