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Destination Hostels Ericeira

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Hi everyone, We had very bad experiences at this hostel and I do not recommend you stay here. firstly there was a poop streak on the bed when i arrived. There are all kinds of flies and wasps in the pool. we are a lesbian couple and they forbade us to kiss each other because apparently it would be "dirty". then we entered the kitchen where every kitchen equipment had a fruit fly or food remains on it. Moreover, the employees of the hostel were not friendly at all and antisocial towards the customers, but then I haven't even mentioned the employer who sighs about everything and does not pay attention to the customers' questions at all. We then did more research into Elvira and found out that as a manager she posts twerk videos on her Instagram, which seems super unprofessional to us. I am far from satisfied with this hostel, so think carefully about your choices...
Amazing hostel!! The place is truely a home, Lots of good vibes and fun. Joana and the staff are so lovley and welcoming. I enjoyed there every moment and keep on coming back. Thanks you guys for a great time :) Much love
Denise and Rui Everything great and very well organized. Little things make big things…! I was offered hot chocolate, before Lura's care in picking up the pillows and cushions when I was sitting on a pallet near the pool was something very important and special for me, thank you 🙏 All the attention provided was simply impeccable and very good ! We love it, thank you 🙏
Everyone was so nice and the amenities where as expected, on one night they offered us wine and a good time, the staff is so nice especially Lura.We chose to stay in the private camper and it was so comfortable for two, during the stary nights we would go on the roof. Would 100% recommend
Super nice and kind people running the place, everything is fresh and tidy, nice pool and a small terrace for yoga where you could spot the tide. Absolutely great!
Just lovely. Will visit again when I get the chance. Only point of criticism I can think of is the build quality of the beds. Top bunk is really hard to get in and out. Also nothing to put small stuff in like phone near the bed. On my first night the bedding already felt a bit moist.
This hostel is a really great place where you're sure to make friends! The people staying, volunteering and working there are so friendly and social, there is always someone to hang out with, go to the beach with, or go out with. The place itself is nice and well kept, not too big or crowded so it kind of just feels like you're staying in a big house with a bunch of housemates. The beach where you can surf and swim is a 15-20 minute walk away. The only downside is that it is a bit isolated, too far to walk to get to Ericeira town center, and even the closest supermarket is a 20 minute walk away. But it is still worth it, you just have to plan your food/grocery trips well :) My friend and I stayed in the camper van which was fun and a nice way to have a little privacy while still using the common areas in the main hostel.
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