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Hacienda Barriche near Cádiz

in Spain 🇪🇸        ✉️


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Fed up with working from home or in a boring office? Go to Hacienda Barriche! It's green, quiet and peaceful, ideal for work. If you want a break, go for a hike, cuddle a donkey or have a lovely freshly laid egg. I felt the stress of work melting away and could enjoy the scenery while typing away on my laptop. Highly recommended!
Coliving Cádiz has become one of my favorite places in Spain! Amidst nature, surrounded by animals and cozy facilities, the space was essential to ease the routine of digital remote work. My boyfriend and I stayed for a short time, but we already want to go back! I recommend it to everyone, especially Brazilians, who want to know a little more about the culture of Andalucía ❤️🇪🇦
I had a lot of fun here! All of the rooms had great Wi-Fi, so it was a nice work environment. The private rooms are also very big it felt like a whole apartment! I had to pack light for myself only bringing 10 t-shirts, a few sweaters, a few dresses, some jackets, about 7 pairs of pants, two pairs of shoes, bathing suits, toiletries, and my laptop and chargers, but everything fit great!! My whole wardrobe might not have fit, but any normals persons’ would have easily:) The space is beautiful and the people are very nice, so when you have time to relax and have fun it is not hard.
Quiet place from which to telework. We spent two weeks (my girlfriend and I) and the experience was great. Large rooms with comfortable tables to work on and very attentive staff. The environment is very pleasant and after working allows you to disconnect and relax. Highly recommended
Excellent place, I had an incredible time, very good connectivity, you can work and enjoy nature at the same time
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