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Le Hüb Grenoble

in France 🇫🇷      


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During a recent unpleasant stay (17.05.24), my bed space was infested with bed bugs and had not been cleaned in some time. Dirt and litter were present in all corners. As reception is closed from 2130, there was no opportunity to resolve this issue. Reception was not interested in my request for a refund the next day. This hostel does not have the curtsey to refund my awful first night's stay. I did not stay a second night as planned. A refund of the second night booking took extra effort to be resolved. Please avoid! Edit: The attached reply is misleading. All discussions with this matter were polite, despite you ignoring my requests for info. You have deliberately avoided honouring your full refund, despite instruction from my hotel booking customer services team. Please provide any proof of 'unpleasant' messages on 'various' sites. If not, redact this statement. I would urge all visitors to take caution if visiting. Thank you. Second edit: An honest and fair review on one single website is not the same as 'unpleasant' reviews on 'various' sites. Only one night (2nd unused night) was refunded, and you chose to alter my original booking dates to one night only, without reason. This was likely an attempt to avoid returning my funds in full as stated by my booking app, by pretending you have returned all funds. For any guests, please do not be put off hostel stays like Le Hub, Grenoble. Many great alternatives are available with more attentive and honest staff. Thank you.
My car was robbed at the paid parking of this hotel during my first night there. Someone has broken the window and took the belongings from the trunk. When I reported at the reception, the staff members tried to distance themselves from the situation. They didn’t help me to call the police even though my French level was not enough. I’ve booked this hotel and its parking because it was said «sécurisé» at the web-site bc I was drained after 12h drive. The parking is underground, locked with a key and doesn’t have any windows. I don’t understand this behaviour neither from the pragmatic, nor from the human point of view. You want your guests to feel good at your place to develop your business. If something like this happens, you would try to prevent the future cases. Also you could show some human compassion. I am still feeling anxious. Btw, I didn’t have my parking payment back even though the remaining days my car spent at the repair shop.
Terrible service! They charged 30 euro for uncleaned 2 plates. There's no sign in the room, and nobody told me that we should clean. Microvawe and stove didn't work! It was cold in the room! It was the worst hotel I've ever stayed in.
Please refund the security deposit and excess charges swiped from our cards. The hotel & staff suck big time. Horrible people swiped our cards randomly - & took excess amount from our cards. They said they will refund but they havent yet refunded the amount. Booked for 21-23 March for tomorrowland - 1 room apartment + 3 Room apartment
Even though given the great location near Grenoble St. they conveniently don't advertise that they close the reception at 21:30. DO NOT BOOK IF YOU INTEND TO ARRIVE AFTER 21:30. You'll not be able in any way to get in and you won't be refunded on the day.
They advertise their parking space as secure, you can only enter as a guest of this hostel (or an employee). But then my car was broken into and they refused to even review the security footage internally?! They tried everything they could in order to stop me from looking into the matter, saying I should call the police. Suspicious as hell. The police obviously didn't do anything either anyway. And now get this - just when I was leaving the hostel, I ran into a young woman - guess what? - whose car had just been broken into in the parking lot of the establishment. Yes, the "secure" one. Either the employees are just lazy and have no human decency left in them, no desire to help someone get their belongings back, and are therefore blocking every bit of support. Or they're in on the whole thing. I mean, if it's not a guest doing the breaking-and-stealing, who's doing it? And why is there ZERO interest to clear up these cases? The number of people with access to the parking is very, very limited. A tiny pool of suspects. It would be extremely easy, if they were motivated to do so, to find the thief. Now I will have to do it myself with a private investigator. I would not be surprised if they have a "case" like this every week. Anyway, stay as far away from this place as you possibly can! Or install your own security camera in your car and see who's doing it. And then get your stuff back yourself, because they police are not going to help you anyway in this god-forsaken country. Absolutely horrible place. Not the place itself, but the staff. Even the manager showed no interest whatsoever in clearing up the (apparently systematic) theft happening under her own roof - apparently almost regularly. Really sad. Either stealing from guests or helping the thief who's stealing from guests. Either way, a horrible look. These were my first days in France, ever, and I have to say, I'm beyond disappointed by the people I've interacted with so far. Insurance payments or not, this really ruined my trip. Hopefully, the P.I. will do his job properly and find who exactly is doing it, whether it's the staff or just someone they cover for. I will probably make the whole matter completely public on my IG channel once the investigation is concluded.
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