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Le Hüb Grenoble

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They advertise their parking space as secure, you can only enter as a guest of this hostel (or an employee). But then my car was broken into and they refused to even review the security footage internally?! They tried everything they could in order to stop me from looking into the matter, saying I should call the police. Suspicious as hell. The police obviously didn't do anything either anyway. And now get this - just when I was leaving the hostel, I ran into a young woman - guess what? - whose car had just been broken into in the parking lot of the establishment. Yes, the "secure" one. Either the employees are just lazy and have no human decency left in them, no desire to help someone get their belongings back, and are therefore blocking every bit of support. Or they're in on the whole thing. I mean, if it's not a guest doing the breaking-and-stealing, who's doing it? And why is there ZERO interest to clear up these cases? The number of people with access to the parking is very, very limited. A tiny pool of suspects. It would be extremely easy, if they were motivated to do so, to find the thief. Now I will have to do it myself with a private investigator. I would not be surprised if they have a "case" like this every week. Anyway, stay as far away from this place as you possibly can! Or install your own security camera in your car and see who's doing it. And then get your stuff back yourself, because they police are not going to help you anyway in this god-forsaken country. Absolutely horrible place. Not the place itself, but the staff. Even the manager showed no interest whatsoever in clearing up the (apparently systematic) theft happening under her own roof - apparently almost regularly. Really sad. Either stealing from guests or helping the thief who's stealing from guests. Either way, a horrible look. These were my first days in France, ever, and I have to say, I'm beyond disappointed by the people I've interacted with so far. Insurance payments or not, this really ruined my trip. Hopefully, the P.I. will do his job properly and find who exactly is doing it, whether it's the staff or just someone they cover for. I will probably make the whole matter completely public on my IG channel once the investigation is concluded.
The rooms were spacious as we had two adjacent rooms, the kitchen, toilet etc were clean as well. But I won't go back just only for the service. Our card was declined several times inside the elevator & with my aged mom-in-law we had to go back & forth several times to make it work. That also wouldn't matter to us as this might happen but what I disliked most was one time after going to reception 3 times and spending around 20 minutes still the card did not work so we asked cordially two cleaning ladies if they can just punch the card for us as we were tired and it was not working even after going to receptions 3 times but they behaved extremely rude and felt like we were not allowed in the hotel although we were holding the cards for our rooms. So definitely won't recommend to people as no deserve to be treated this way in any hotel/resident during their vacation!
HOTEL THAT STEALS THEIR CUSTOMERS. I was to this hotel on Tuesday on the date 11/07/2023 , I payed 123.5€ one night and 80€ deposit form the bank, the worker who work there said the deposit will return to my bank account within 24 hours but today is 11/15/2023 and they still did not refund my money. It was also a very bad room. Please be careful with this hotel before you decide which hotel to go.
The place looks good in the advert and promotes parking for bicycles. It really sucks though. Toilet had no paper and sink and bathtub was dirty at 3:15pm right when people check in. I never payed for parking a bicycle in a hostel but here they charge 8 Euro per day. Considering the price of parking a car at 12 Euro at a space where you can park 6-8 bicycles those operators are really greedy to guests which have choosen to take a CO2 friendly way of travelling. Bit less marketing and more basic hospitality and the place could be fine!
Probably the worst maintained, poorest service I have seen. The room we checked into had an unbearable smell coming from the kitchette. We requested a room change, since it was impossible to stay in the stench for more than 5 minutes. To our surprise, they could change the room for others and not us despite giving a bad room. We checked out 15 mins later and requested for a refund. We have been following up with them for 3 days now and they keep redirecting us from one person to another. Their latest excuse being a single "person" is handling all the refunds and they are on leave. So they cannot do it for another week or so. First it's actually surprising that only a single person can process a refund in such a big hotel chain 😂 Second it's honestly insulting the customers common sense and intelligence to think that such a lame excuse would be believed. We were surprised to see the hotel having almost no staff at any time and a single person managing everything and giving lame excuses all the time. Avoid the hotel at all costs, and save yourself some time and money.
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