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Nomadico Cecilia's

Jardim do Mar in Madeira, Portugal 🇵🇹 and 4 other locations      


Coliving homes for nomads — we team up with local guesthouses and villas to create affordable stays with a world class community for digital nomads.

A renovated farm house with stunning views and free banana's from the garden, in one of the most magical little villages on the island with lush nature and stunning cliffs surrounded by the beautiful Atlantic ocean.

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Staying with Nomadico(Madeira) was a very pleasant first co-living experience! The property was well located, clean and equipped. The best part of my stay with Nomadico was hands down the people that made the community! I want to give a special shoutout to our house manager, Vero. Thank you Vero for all the care and hard work you put in bringing us together and making me feel welcomed! I wish I would have stayed longer but definitely look forward to another experience with Nomadico!
Nomadical promised a dream, however, my personal experience revealed numerous obstacles and challenges that significantly affected my overall satisfaction. The property is hosted by the most lovely woman, Cecilia and her son. I want the best for them both, but I also have to be honest about so other people can make an informed decision. Overall, I don’t think the house is equipped to consistently handle large groups of people and lacks amenities. In Cecilia's house the single small kitchen was shared by more than 15 people. It was often unclean and lacked necessary appliances. Moreover, there were insufficient washing machines and drying space for the number of occupants, leading to confusion. Many rooms required significant repairs, significantly detracting from the overall experience. Nomadico needs to prioritize properties capable of accommodating the number of residents they host effectively. One of the highlights of my stay was the fabulous community manager Mel! She was always present, responsive, and engaged with the community. She did an excellent job of navigating challenges while keeping the moral high! Without Mel, my experience would’ve undoubtedly been harder to handle.
It was a generally good experience, but I lacked the community. I stayed in Paul do Mar at Andre’s House. It’s good to note that both places are remote (as of 3 Mar 2024 there is no grocery store in either) and I would say, as a habitual walker, having a car in Paul do Mar is a must. If it wasn’t for my tremendously lovely roommates who drove me to the grocery store I wouldn’t have made it. The taxi to get back to the airport was €70 (negotiated up front) as there are no Bolts out there. Because of this, the fact that all community events are in the Jardim do Mar house, and my odd work hours (EST time), I was very detached from the rest of the group so it just felt like an Airbnb for me. I was so fortunate that I had two lovely roommates. If you have a car and love remote locations, you may love it! The space is beautiful and I thought the room (I got the big one at the end of the hall facing the sea) was terrific. Very peaceful town with friendly residents. The Nomadico booking experience was confusing for me. I talked to two different people with questions and I was generally either re-routed or unanswered. The payment charge was about half Nomadico which I paid with card, and the rest I was requested to pay by a bank transfer which luckily I was able to pay cash instead (US based bank transfers to foreign are very expensive), but this wasn’t communicated up front for André’s so be aware of that. In total, for me it would’ve been nicer if the house was separate from Nomadico as it didn’t offer any extra value. The house was pleasant and the community seemed friendly but I never felt a part of it.
What an experience! Hiked, surfed, took some waterfall showers, zipped around on a scooter, drank a few too many ponchas - and most importantly, made some lifelong friends. My biggest regret is that I didn't stay a bit longer than the 5 weeks I was there. The houses are truly spectacular. Thanks to the entire team, and special shout out to the community manager Micaela, who helped to foster such a memorable experience. Already looking forward to my next Nomadico experience in Morocco. Would recommend!
I highly recommend Nomadico for both seasoned Digital Nomads and for your first adventure, alike. There was also a great female to male mix, unlike other DN colives that are heavily female dominated. One of the best months in my 2+ years as a digital nomad. It had it all. Awesome unique daily activities, exceptional people & community and focused work time. Matilde, the community leader, really brought it all together. We did it all. Dancing, hiking, repealing down waterfalls, relaxing sunset times, skillshares, a local color run, community dinners, and we got work done. This is better than you read about. This is one of those experiences that didn't exist very long ago. The amazingness of it all sows those deep memories that you feel deep in your viens and will live with you always. That moves you to explore more So move to a Nomadico. And have that once in a lifetime experience that you've dreamt of.
I am here for over a week and I absolutely love this place!! The simplicity and rawness of the local experience with the owner talking Portuguese with us, cooking homemade meals for everyone and just everyone around being so nice and like family in such a short time, makes this place feel like home! Jardim do mar is now my fav place in Madeira as well! I love to every morning go around and walk around these cute little streets 😍😍
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