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Nomadico Margarita's

Medellín in Colombia 🇨🇴 and 3 other locations        


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The constant spring weather means that Medellin is one of the greenest cities we’ve ever seen! Apart from lush jungle vibes, it is internationally renowned for its music, art and dance. For you city loving nomads, it offers comfort, convenience, an amazing food scene. If you like a more authentic experience amongst Colombians, then Laureles is your drift.

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I stayed here for a month in Nov-Dec. Overall, I had a really positive experience but there were some things that need to be improved. Pros: the community manager Paula had a really positive impact on my experience. She helped coordinate different events which created opportunities to meet other people in nomadico and overall she is really great to spend time with and makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable…as for the space: I was lucky enough to have my own studio apartment. It was updated - it was big and had a kitchen, bathroom and closet. However, I know that others’ rooms were not like mine. Cons: Despite me having one of the better rooms at Nomadico, there were things missing or that need to be changed. The house technically has a group coworking area but it’s basically an oversized table and a few desks with chairs. It lacks a welcoming area for people to meet, connect, or relax outside of their rooms unless they are going to sit at a desk. I had a lot of discussions with my friends who were staying there and we would rather have a comfy place to hang out than just a bunch of desks. It feels a bit sterile and needs a big couch and some chairs or something to liven it up. Secondly, the lights are all super fluorescent and harsh and need to be changed into a warmer hue. I know that sounds trivial but all of us had an issue with the lighting - we bought lamps or cellophane to try and cover up the bulbs soften the shade. Lastly, the beds and pillows are uncomfortable. It feels a bit like we are living in dorms but we are mostly adults from mid 20s to mid 30s and it would be nice to feel like we aren’t living like students again. The location was great, the community and events were great and I was lucky to have a good room but overall, the comfort, lighting, and community aspect of Margarita’s place needs to be improved a bit. It definitely has potential.
The place has a nice design, however the room I stayed in had many flaws. It was super hot at almost all times, even despite the one wall fan. The bed is also not comfortable and hard as a rock. The WIFI is also terrible, with many people constantly having issues with it and only minor “fixes” being implemented. The common area isn’t great and nobody uses it. The host was reactive to messages, but not helpful (at least with the WiFi - which was a huge issue). I had to hotspot my laptop with my phone several times and even pay for a coworking place. I wouldn’t recommend this place for digital nomads.
I recently stayed at Nomadico in Medellin and it was awesome! I had a great connection with the community and the place is really nice. Medellin is calling ;)
Great experience and community🤍
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