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Palma Coliving Casa de Turull

Barcelona in Spain 🇪🇸 and 3 other locations      ✉️

since Dec. 2023, offering:

We provide a warm coliving-coworking environment where you can live comfortably as you work remotely; where you connect, share, and grow with like-minded individuals.

At Palma coliving, it’s all about humans: we want to impact remote workers, inspire them to be more productive, and help them to accomplish their goals, all whilst discovering the local culture of their chosen destination. We focus on building an ecosystem of support, connection, and collaboration. This is the Palma experience.

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As a digital nomad from Barcelona looking for change, Palma coliving surprised me a lot! The Coliving property is definitely unique compared to the others in the city: the "villa-style" with its unique private garden/swimming people, its location: nearby Gracia district one of the most dynamic district for me so far, the "family vibes" thanks to the selected community to make sure to be aligned with their conscious values such as creating meaningful connection, or organising event together to enjoy every moment of our stay. Thank you Palma team and I'll definitely come back to one of you other location!
The Palma Co-living space in Barcelona is absolutely stunning. The rooms are spacious with large wardrobes for your things. The room I stayed in with my friend had double sinks and a big bath tub too! The communal areas (kitchen, dining room & co-working space / living room) are all decent size. There is a big projector for movie nights with friends. Outside there is a garden with sun beds, a hammock and a big swimming pool. There is gym equipment, yoga classes 3x per week and even a sauna. The internet speed was great, I didn’t have any issues while working from here. Matthieu and Hugo the owners are so friendly, and so were the other nomads staying here. There is a metro station just a 10 minute walk away and it takes 15 minutes on the tube to get to the centre which is so easy. The house is at the top of a hill so you’ll also get your step count in on the way back from the city lol! I would definitely recommend!!
Palma coliving Barcelona is for sure the best place to meet nice people. Beautiful coliving villa with an amazing garden, the bedrooms are comfortable with different type of offer & prices (private bathroom or shared, private inside balcony or direct access to sauna etc.), and the coworking is fully equipped. Located close to the metro & bus station, nearby Gracia district. Great place for staying at least 1 month while working remotely & discovering a new place with great people !!
I recently had the pleasure of staying at the Palma Coliving in Barcelona, and it was an exceptional experience that I am eager to share. The accommodation was nothing short of perfect, receiving a flawless ten out of ten. The rooms were the epitome of comfort, offering a tranquil space where one could unwind after a bustling day in the city. Waking up to the serene views of Tibidabo and the bustling city center was a daily delight that added an extra touch of magic to my stay. In terms of leisure and activities, Palma Coliving outdid itself, earning another ten out of ten. There was never a dull moment, with an abundance of in-house activities that catered to every interest and mood. From the relaxing sauna sessions to the refreshing swims in the pool, and the grounding Yoga to invigorating Chi Qong classes, there was something for everyone. It was the perfect way to balance work and play. The number of members during my stay was slightly lower, which I attribute to the off-season. However, this aspect did not detract from the experience. In fact, it contributed to a more tranquil and intimate atmosphere, which I personally enjoyed. I would rate this an eight out of ten. A special shoutout to Deborah, the Community Manager, who did an incredible job in making everyone feel connected and at home, despite the smaller crowd. The coworking space was impeccable, meeting all my needs and expectations, thus deserving a solid ten out of ten. The space was not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and spacious, offering everything one might require for a productive day. Lastly, the location of Palma Coliving could not have been better for me, easily earning another ten out of ten. Nestled close to nature and right next to Park Guell, it provided a serene escape from the city's hustle and bustle. Yet, it was conveniently located within a 20-minute walk to the heart of Gracia, with excellent bus and metro connections to central Barcelona. In conclusion, my stay at Palma Coliving in Barcelona was an extraordinary experience, marked by impeccable accommodations, a plethora of activities, a cozy community atmosphere, a top-notch coworking space, and an unbeatable location. It's a gem in Barcelona that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a blend of productivity, relaxation, and cultural immersion.
Palma Coliving in Barcelona is a hidden gem. I had no idea about that coliving even as I was staying in co-livings for a long time, and visiting Barcelona frequently. It's just next to Park Güell up the hill, so it's more calm and less polluted than the rest of the city. The house is spectacular. With its own swimming pool, and a sauna. There is a very cool, sunny, well-equipped co-working there. The 2 kitchens, a big dining room and a wonderful shared area with a projector and a big screen to watch movies together are a nice space to get to know other coliving guests. I had a really good time there.
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