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Selina Playa del Carmen

in Mexico 🇲🇽 and 7 other locations      ✉️

has closed for coliving, it offered:

🚪‍ private rooms The Micro from €330/fortnight 👯‍♂️‍ dormitory beds 8-bed dorm from €145/fortnight  large coliving, 🏙 city, 🧲 hub, 🏨 hostel, 🏊 pool, 🍃 terrace, 🛁 ensuites, 🍿 movies, 🚌 transit, 🏖 coastal, 🏖 beach, 🐕 pet friendly, 🧺 housekeeping, 💫 subscriptionCoLive and CoWork at up to 3 locations per month, from $405 shared, $780 private (in Latin America; some locations and other regions have supplements) ⌨️ ergonomic coworking $50/week 👫 couples inclusive 💬 Wrong details?

The largest network of hip spaces across the globe, most being hostels with shared or private rooms for shorter stays. Some offer dedicated coworking (extra cost) and other facilities such as pool and restaurant.

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Amazing hostel !!! Rooms are perfect, activities and dance lessons to enjoy! Very close to the beach, downtown and ado bus terminal. Team here is the best, special thank you to Eleazar that been so nice during all my trip. Been there twice already and can't imagine staying anywhere else in Playa del Carmen!
First of all the all of the staff are easily 6/5 stars they're all exceptionally friendly and helpful. The hostel itself is really beautiful and it's location is really good, close to the beach and close to the ado bus station. The rooms are nice but sadly the beds are sometimes placed stupidly so someone has to sleep completely in the air flow of the AC and therefore probably gets sick. Everybody in the room has to agree to turn of the AC even if it's 3 am in the morning so you get "better" or actual sleep at the pool. It would be a good idea to put people together in rooms by their preference, "AC on at night" or "AC off at night" (probably all Europeans). That's were for us the hostel looses one star as sleep is a fundamental. We switched rooms and we're lucky that our new room mates were European as well. The second star it looses for the kitchen. The kitchen is easily a 0/5. The equipment sucks and most is missing. They have only 1! "sharp knife" One person can cook at the in a hostel that hosts hundreds. The hostel could easily be a 5 out of 5 if they work on the fundamentals.
I didn’t enjoy the stay that much. My room was at the 5 avenue means you will hear music min. till midnight. If you got a room inside it’s as quite as it can be. As cover you only get a thin sheet and you can get a bit cold true the AC. But you can rend for 100 pesos blanket how kind 😄. As a big hostel you have many guests so a lot of dirt. Specially in the bathroom and showers are not that clean as they could be. I know it’s a lot of work but its important for a nice stay… They offer also yoga and meditation in the morning. So it’s kind of nice. The food is really tasty! They have really nice staff.
Plans changed and had to book a hostel asap. Found Selina and had stayed with in the past and was greatly satisfied, however this one (though when you walk to the main area is breathtaking- beautiful pool, lounging chairs, bar in the shade) was rather disappointing. Stayed in a shared mixed dorm with no assigned beds. That was fine other than the random guest that said no words and stared at the wall for 15 minutes and then started looking at all the guests in their beds with his flashlight at 1 am. Felt unsafe (though that’s not Selina’s issue) we Realized the morning after that the outside door that goes to the shared veranda (that anyone can access at any point) doesn’t lock. The shared bathrooms were also unsatisfactory. The toilets hardly flushed, 2 of the three sinks didn’t work, and there was no hand soap available. Didn’t use the showers though. It i Now past the worst. The staff were amazing! They let us store our bags due to no early check in, which let us enjoy the trip to Cozumel! The sheets weren’t ready when we checked in, so we went out in the town and got back around midnight. They were there at the front ready with our sheets. The guy at the bar was great! And did what he could to understand our English. The location is amazing!! So close to the shopping! (Which does come with loud nights, so prepare for that) Overall 2/5 the service was great but the living conditions didn’t quite match Selina’s “name brand of hostels”
This is a great choice for backpackers and single travelers. I’ve got a single room with bath for a reasonable price. The pool is nice and the staff is courteous. They organize yoga classes and night Latin dances. I am not crazy about Puerto Vallarta but this hostel helped me enjoy the time there more.
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