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Sprachcaffe Prembroke

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🚪‍ private roomsstandard (off season) from 560/two-weeks €890/month 👯‍♂️‍ dormitory bedsstandard twin bed (off season) from 340/two-weeks €540/month 🛖  studios  large coliving, 🏬 town, 🏨 residence hall, 🎪 occasional events, ⌨️ ergonomic coworking, 🍃 terrace, 🏊 pool, 🏖 beach, 🏖 coastal, 🏝 island, 🧺 housekeeping, 📶 fibre, 🚌 transit, 🍽 mealsonsite restaurant and lounge bar; half board option (€125/wk) or full (€195/wk) 🏘 dispersedstudios and 4–6 room shared apartments 🎓 coursesEnglish language 📅 seasonalsupplements apply Apr–Sept (+€50–110/wk) 🛩 airportMalta/MLA 30mins bus 💬 Wrong details?

The campus of the lively and diverse Sprachcaffe language school, on the imposing premises of a historic British barracks.

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I'm traveling all-around the globe in solo style, but this "accommodation" was one of the worst so far... I'm pretty sure that most of the prisons in the EU is more well equipped than this. I had to cancel my stay, because it was just way too depressive. In the flat, which looked not even close to what I've booked, there was 3 room, with no doors (zero privacy, and so I could listen how the roommate laughing hysterically at himself at nighttime), no lockers, no decoration, despite daylight, it was quite dark in there all the time, if you wanted to use the reading lamp, you just couldn't because it wasn't compatible with the plug on the wall... And everything was looks like rotting away: the walls, the furnitures, the shower... oh and if you are lucky you can listen some really loud "music" from the university next door, but hey, at least you can share your bed with some ants. I was stupid and I booked ahead breakfast as well, but when I wanted to have a refund on the unused!!! breakfast coupon, the "manager" who doesn't even looked at me, doesn't even greeted me (quite rude if you ask me) just gave me some other coupon for a "free" dinner in the hostel's "canteen/bar" which was also a joke... Well, he just brought some cheap review...
As a cliente I am really unpleased about the service. How unprofessional the coordinators are. And has none responsibilities or respect to provide about what it is promised! Many problems has been happening in sprachcafe and how disrespectful has been the service provider for the activities not being reliable about schedule and how many can attend. somedays there is no homework provide by the teachers and students spend months without testing they level. No replies about emails sent. It is really frustrating to choice a school with those problems after over 2 months of study and dedication! Im really unpleased especially with the management / coordinators.
Well Rooms are old, and hotel is quite far my city centre. And they don’t ask for cleaning etc too. They have only one pros that you have a nice pool but Malta itself is full of exotic beaches.They don’t have internet in rooms. If you want to avail, then you have to buy their premium internet. Otherwise sit tight at hotels small lobby or near pool when you will have signals !
positiv: It is cool, because there are many young people around, the pool is also nice. negativ: - We have booked a private Studio, but first we were put in a group apartment, then after reclaimation, they gave us a key to a studio, which looked like if someone was living there (towels on the floor). so we were sent back to the group apartment for one night. We got a Voucher for two 10€ pizza, was a bad deal because the group apartments price is the half (30€). - the next day we could go to the Studio, which was "cleaned", but it still was not really clean. - it was definitely not worth 60€ per night, I ve seen many better Apartments for this price. - Kitchen was very small, old and dirty. Some Plates and Pans were not even cleaned. One of two hotplates was broken. - Bathroom: dirty mirror, disgusting bathtub with useless shower curtain. - the worst thing at all was a very very bad smell, like old house or mold, we even moved our beds to the window for fresher air. to summarise, the idea of the hole building is quite cool, but our room was aweful, maybe other studios are not that bad. If u book a room there, I recommend a group Apartment, this was okay and is quite cheap.
Nice pool, but everything else was not so good. All the apartments of the people I was the with were dirty and had other issues like water leaks, only boiling hot water or only freezing cold water amongst others. When we told the reception about the problems, they did change the cheets in some rooms, but in others we had to do that ourselves and in one room they changed cheets but took away the blankets. Also, there were cockroaches. I would not recommend this place.
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