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Sprachcaffe Prembroke

Malta 🇲🇹  ·          ✉️

 large 🏬 town 🏨 residence hall 🥃 occasional events ⌨️ ergonomic coworking 🍃 terrace 🏊 pool 🚪 studios 🏖 beach 🏖 coastal 🏝 island 🧺 housekeeping 📶 fibre 🚌 transit 🏘 dispersed studios and 4–6 room shared apartments 🍽 meals onsite restaurant and lounge bar; half board option (€125/wk) or full (€195/wk) 🚪‍ private standard double (off season) from €450/fortnight €720/month 👯‍♂️‍ shared standard twin bed (off season) from €230/fortnight €370/month 🎓 courses English language 📅 seasonal supplements apply Apr–Sept (+€50–110/wk) 🛩 airport Malta/MLA 30mins bus

The campus of the lively and diverse Sprachcaffe language school, on the imposing premises of a historic British barracks.

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Staying here for 8 days, and it's absolutely lovely! The reception staff are warm and welcoming, the pool is massive, and the living areas are warm and homey! For a budget hotel, this place massively exceeded our expectations. The staff really know their directions, I would definitely recommend listening to them instead of using Google Maps. It's a 20 minute walk from 'Pembroke Pool', which is a lovely little cove where people can sit and sunbathe on the rocks as well as swim in the sea. 100% will stay here if I come back to Malta, I cannot stress enough how utterly charming the staff here are. They went the extra mile for us without batting an eyelash!
Nice place, Aircondition, clean. But one problem is no free wifi in room. Cost wifi it is 50 euro
Nice pool, but everything else was not so good. All the apartments of the people I was the with were dirty and had other issues like water leaks, only boiling hot water or only freezing cold water amongst others. When we told the reception about the problems, they did change the cheets in some rooms, but in others we had to do that ourselves and in one room they changed cheets but took away the blankets. Also, there were cockroaches. I would not recommend this place.
This is not a serious hotel, they do not honor their reservations.. They cancelled my reservation 5 DAYS before my trip due to "system problems". I had to find one other place in Malta in a hurry with almost no options available (of course I also paid much more). Avoid this place!
This is a very nice place with a great atmosphere, I don't understand how the other bad ratings come up? It is not a 5 star hotel but a beautiful resort.

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