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Sunago Ericeira

in Portugal 🇵🇹      ✉️

has closed for coliving as of Oct. '23, it offered:

🚪‍ private rooms ensuite (low season) from €500/fortnight €650/month 👯‍♂️‍ dormitory beds 4-bed dorm (low season) from €250/fortnight €330/month  mini coliving, 🏡 village, 🏖 coastal, 🏄 surfing, 👩‍💻 workations, 📶 fibre, 🎦 callroom, 🤔 workroom, 🌷 garden, 🧺 housekeeping, 🌤 mild, 💬 Wrong details?

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The house is super spacious, clean and beautifully designed with a nice and big garden. The co-working area is well equipped and separate from the house, which makes working but also relaxing after work easier :) David is a great host and all guests were super lovely. It really felt like home. Would have loved to stay longer!
This place is truly a gem! I loved staying there for 6 weeks. The co-working is great and so is the house. Great vibe and David the owner is super helpful and a great guy. Would recommend having a car to fully explore the beaches and sights around Ericeira. Thanks for the experience!
I was at Sunago for 10 days and had an amazing time! It was my first solo digital nomad trip and it was very special. The house really felt like home, I was super productive in the coworking space and loved my daily walk to the beach. On top of that, I also met amazing people! I'll definitely be back.
For me personally, this place has something special, a little like magic. I don't know how to put my stay here into words. You immediately feel welcome and it didn't even take me ten minutes to feel comfortable here. Exactly what I was looking for to relax, work and still experience a lot if I wanted to. Everything is well thought out and comfortably furnished and you really have everything you need. If you want company, you can find it in the common rooms and you still have the opportunity to retreat anywhere in and around the house. I love it when you can hear the soft sounds of a piano or guitar coming from the living room when one of the guests is playing...well...assuming they can play :) or the birds chirping in the garden. Working in coworking is super pleasant and they make sure that you really have everything you need... However, I spend most of the time working outside on the cozy terrace of the coworking. By the way, there is really good internet throughout the property, and we all know how dependent we are on it ;) A great enrichment are the people who lives here during the time I am here (already a month) A really great community that make this a great place, with good conversations, a lot of laughter, fun and activities! But for me personally, the heart of the house is by far here David, the founder who created this wonderful place. You can tell how much energy and love was invested. Sunago is a home away from home and for that I am eternally grateful.
I have been to several colivings but this one has something very special that is difficult to put into words. I can try to say that the facilities are wonderful, highlighting the care with which the spaces have been designed and implemented to facilitate community life, the incredible coworking space, the rooms, the garden... I could also talk about how magical Ericeira and all that coastline is. But I think what made it really special was meeting the people with whom I shared those weeks, and especially David, who one day was brave and dared to create this house, and who today I can call my friend.
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