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I lived here between 2023 and 2024 and recently upgraded to an even better studio because of my positive experience in the past year . The studios are brilliant and thoughtfully designed equipped with practical fixtures and fittings, maximising my productivity. The facilities are also wonderful although I’ve never really used them because of my busy schedule. Without a doubt , what stood out most to me were hub managers Jordan and Dean who consistently went above and beyond to cater to anything I needed from storing my parcels, laundry, mail , assisting with queries to helping me find a new unit based on my requirements. They were always so kind to me and were all smiles in our brief conversations. Definitely the highlight of the ARK. Finally, the Apartment complex is strategically located with a nearby Tesco and DLR Station 3 minutes away allowing me to easily get to central London where I work .
ARK Canary Wharf is a sleek and stylish rooftop bar with breathtaking views of London's skyline. With its sophisticated ambiance, creative cocktails, and attentive service, it offers an unforgettable setting for socializing and relaxation. Whether enjoying sunset drinks or dancing the night away, ARK provides a memorable experience high above the city streets.
Stayed here for 3 nights. No housekeeping so only 1 coffee sachet all stay. Tiny room with really small bathroom area. When I complained as the room kept being filled with the smell of marijuana I got zero response. Wouldn't stay again and do not need a standard copy and paste response from the hotel here! Thanks.
Me and my partner stayed at the ARK Canary Wharf for a night over the weekend. And we throughly enjoyed our stay. Yes the bedroom was on the smaller side but perfectly fine for us to cope with. The view we got was beautiful and the actually bed itself was very comfortable. We found our stay to be very lovely and would stay again.
I have just left Ark Canary Wharf after living here for 3 years. I enjoyed the tree years I spent here with lots of social events organised by Esra and the ambassadors. Any maintenance issues I had in my room during my stay were quickly rectified by management, including the room being repainted, a new mattress and when my fridge broke, they installed a new fridge the next morning. My room was regularly cleaned and I had positive experiences with the cleaning of my room. When booking in 2021, I viewed the studios in person first and requested a specific style of Cosy Studio, so I knew what I was signing and agreeing to live in. The cosy studio was small but the storage within the specific style that I had was put to good use. I have recommended family and friends to stay here as hotel guests, but again would recommend Ark to anyone looking for somewhere to live in London. I would happily return myself. Finally, thank you to Dominic and all the team at Ark Canary Wharf who made my 3 year stay here a memorable experience, which helped me find my feet in London.
Wouldn't recommend this place if you are considering long-stay! Firstly, I was given relatively short-notice that I had to move out of my room as they were switching things up and needed the room for short-stay instead. Secondly, when I shifted into my new room, the room had a faulty microwave/oven, hob that took thrice the usual amount of time to heat food up as compared to my previous room and a toilet door that does not locked. I approached the management team, hoping to get maintenance team in and was offered to go to my previous room to do my cooking before the maintenance team comes in and fix it (was promised that they will fix it on Saturday but no one came and no notice was given to me, NONE). At first, I thought it was also due to the quality and material of my pots and pans, despite how it worked well in the previous room, hence I told my friend to bring over his pot and pans and test it out before I decide to change my entire set of pots as I didn't want to waste any money. However, the next day, one of the management team approached me and accused me of using the room without informing them and proceeded to cancel all my cards and insisted that he has to charge me for all the times I entered the room despite how it was agreed upon prior. He went on to state that because he saw me through the CCTV that my friend and I were bringing a luggage in, hence it was not allowed, when in actual fact, we were using the luggage to store all the pots and pans and sauces to bring it from one room to another as it was hard to manage so many things. How was he supposed to carry his pots and pans over from his own accommodation? No communication was conveyed to me that I was unable to use the bed while I was in the room, yet I was being accused and reprimanded for it as well. I was also told that I was able to check the room to make sure I don't leave anything behind due to the shift, yet was questioned for moving the stuff in the room. I really do wonder how am I suppose to check whether I left anything behind, if I am not allowed to touch anything? Was hoping the team can check with one another or ask me nicely about the situation before accusing me right away and cancelling my cards and stating that they have to count the number of times I entered the room and charge me accordingly. All accusations were made before actually hearing me out and understanding the situation! Simply ridiculous! They made me change 3 different rooms in the span of one month despite how I have ongoing exams as well. ALL of rooms that I moved to had some issues, the drainage were either giving out a bad fishy smell, or it is smaller than the room I paid for, or some of the items in the kitchen were faulty. Do not recommend.
Long stay. Wouldn’t recommend for anyone over 16. ✔️ Great location. Loved being by the dock/canal, early morning walks and getting coffee and pastry. Loved the noodle place downstairs. ❌ • Noise The rooms are well sound-proofed but you hear the lift bell and door slammed shut. I had noisy neighbours with his speaker out on the balcony in the building opposite, people would party outside until late in the evenings throughout the week. Stag/hen do on weekends. Right next to the DLR/ train and I’d hear it constantly going by from about 6am-1am. •Building/room I had the mid-sized room but the bathroom is tiny (and I’m small- 5’1 / 155cm) you couldn’t wash your face in the sink, you couldn’t have anything else other than yourself in the shower cubicle. The building is well ventilated but too dry that I got myself a humidifier. •Building facility Pool, jacuzzi and sauna often under maintenance. When open, general pool/sauna etiquette was not in place, people wearing clothes in the pool, near naked and making out, etc. No supervisor. •Maintenance & service Building service wasn’t bad but there were always some issues and rules were changing. Post collection, gym opening ours, cleaning schedule etc. Water smelt weird in the bathroom, tap water smelt of the sea and I couldn’t drink it. •Clientele/community Community areas were always in a mess and not respected by other members, really disliked the kind of clientele this building housed.
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