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🎊 The Bonfires of San Juan 🎊 The best time to visit Alicante is during its major parties, the Bonfires of San Juan. The official days are from June 20 to 24, although the atmosphere begins to warm up with the first mascletàs in the central Plaza de los Luceros from day 18. It is difficult to describe in words what it feels like in Bonfires and it is normal for more than 1 million visitors to reach the city to meet them. It is a mixture of gunpowder, music, drink, food, monuments, fire, good vibes, joy, folklore, parades, tradition, party, beach ... And all this in the street and with an exceptional temperature. Do not miss the colorful parades that run through the most central streets of the city - mainly Alfonso El Sabio and Rambla Méndez Núñez -, the nit de la cremà (when all the monuments are burned, the night of June 24) and the orgy of gunpowder of the mascletàs (at 2 pm in the Plaza de los Luceros). It is not that it is the best festival to see in Alicante, but it is one of the best in Spain. And that, in a country like ours - which is delivered at their parties - has much merit.
🏝 The Esplanade of Spain 🏝 One of the things to do in Alicante to send as one more Alicante, is to walk through its beautiful Esplanade of Spain. The floor of this promenade - which runs parallel to the port of Alicante - recreates the waves of the Mediterranean with a mosaic of more than 6 million small red, blue and white tiles. Walk among its rows of palm trees, browse through the crafts and trinkets of its stalls, enjoy street performers, practice a concert in its small stage shaped like a seashell and right in the area that dies and begins Postiguet Beach, stay charmed in front of the ornate white facade of Casa Carbonell, one of the most emblematic civil buildings in Alicante.
On Sunday 13 we had @awakesenses at The Garage Coliving Sonia organized a spectacular yoga session🧘‍♀ in our garden and inside our coworking and ended with a vegetarian brunch 🥑. Thank you very much Sonía we love this kind of events! 👌
⛰ Do you know Santa Barbara Castle?⛰ Santa Barbara Castle At the top of the small mountain Benacantil is the most emblematic monument to see in Alicante. The Castle of Santa Barbara dominates the city center and the bay of Alicante from the heights. Its origin is reflected in the curious profile of Mount Benacantil. When you look at it from a distance, it resembles the face of an Arab warrior. That is why it is called "The Face of the Moor." The Arab conquerors built this fortress in the ninth century. The place was of vital strategic importance and would be preserved until the mid-thirteenth century, when it fell into Christian hands. In the 16th century, by order of Philip II, it was reformed and later, it suffered significant damage during the War of Succession. During the Spanish Civil War it was used as a prison by both sides and today it is dedicated to hosting various celebrations and exhibitions. You can climb the Castle of Santa Barbara by car, walking or by elevator. We recommend that you do it walking, crossing the beautiful neighborhood of Santa Cruz Alicante. You cannot leave the city without witnessing a sunset from its battlements: it is one of the most beautiful things to see in Alicante.

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