Coliving Communitythe open directory to find
purposeful [co]workations and stays

🚧 Actually we're not really live yet!

We're alpha. What you can currently find on the site is early steps towards something maybe better that more comprehensively supports coliving communities, and without onerous criterion or subscriptions β€” to best define our own communities ourselves…

Originally conceived to be a (owned and run by its member operators) however currently it's just a side project of mine!

You can declare your space as a coliving community using our marque, and if you don't have a website you can point your domain to your page here† or just message me to open a debate.πŸ˜‰


† No cost, no ads: either use a redirect, or change your DNS to point to our server so your page will keep your domain when accessed directly. Make sure you update your listing with relevent contact details and pricing!