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Open for stays only at specific times of the year, either with other more expensive offerings during peak holiday seasons or closing during winters. (May have reduced facilities off-season.)

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La Colle

 ⤚France⟶ S🏕isolated👩‍💻workations👨‍👩‍👧families🦺volunteering🌷garden🚕pickup from €1080; Apr–Nov, and on request

Saint Charles

 ⤚France⟶ M🏬town🏨hotel🤔workroom🥃occasional⌨️desk🍃terrace from €605 in standard eco

Sun and Co

 ⤚Costa Blanca, Spain⟶ S🏬town⚛️purposeful🧙magical👩‍💻workations🏖coast📶🤔workroom from €700; becomes hostel in summer


 ⤚Galicia, Spain⟶ S🌲rural🧬impact🧲hub👩‍🌾localfood🍽meals🤝association from €min 30 days in single; winter is teams only


 ⤚Portugal⟶ L🏘dispersed♻️sustainable🌲rural👩‍💻workations🏨resort⌨️coworking from €400 in cabin; offer valid October–March


 ⤚Crete, Greece⟶ XS🏬town🏘dispersed🏖coast🏝island🛁ensuites🏊pool from €855; Nov–April

Santé Yoga

 ⤚France⟶ XS🌲rural☮️intentional🥗vegetarian🧘yoga🦺volunteering🌷garden from €min 30 days


 ⤚Bulgaria⟶ M🌲rural👩‍💻workations🏞retreats🏘dispersed🧘yoga🧘‍♀️wellness from €420 in single; May–Nov; long-term by application

Soul Kitchen

 ⤚Russia⟶ M🏙city🧐curated⚛️purposeful🏨hostel🥃occasional🧺housekeeping from €450; coliving Sept–April

Work Remotely Croatia
 • The Valley

 ⤚Croatia⟶ XL🏨resort🏬town🚪studios🏖coast🛁ensuites📶🍽meals from €360 in double in 3-bed unit; Oct–Feb

Co-Nomad Life
 • Bristol Sunset Beach

 ⤚Canary Islands, Spain⟶ ~🏨aparthotel🏖beach👩‍💻workations🏬town🚪studios🏖coast from €440 in double in 2-room unit

Quinta do Bom Despacho

 ⤚Azores islands, Portugal⟶ S🏬town♻️sustainable👩‍💻workations🏖beach🏝island🤔unfacilitated from €min 30 days; Oct–May

Budapest Garden

 ⤚Hungary⟶ XS🏨hostel🏙city📶🌷garden🚌transit🧘yoga from €enquire; Oct–March

Corsica Coliving

 ⤚Corsica, France⟶ M🏡village🏨aparthotel🏷promoter🏝island🥃occasional⌨️coworking from €400; Oct–May

Pyren' Escape

 ⤚the Pyrénées, France⟶ M⛰️mountains🌲rural🤔workroom👩‍💻workations🚲bikes🚪studios from €715; Feb–June, Sep–Nov


 ⤚Portugal⟶ M🏡village🏨hostel👩‍💻workations🍹regular🍃terrace⛰️mountains from €470; Nov–March


 ⤚Madeira, Portugal⟶ M🌲rural👩‍💻workations⚛️purposeful🍹regular🤔workroom⌨️desk from €430; Oct–May


 ⤚Georgia⟶ L🌲rural🏘dispersed🍽meals⛲️big-garden⛰️mountains⌨️desk from €490; coliving November–March

Destination Hostels

 ⤚Portugal⟶ M🏡village🏨hostel🌷garden🏊pool🏖beach🏖coast from €720 in ensuite; Nov–May

Destination Hostels

 ⤚Madeira, Portugal⟶ M🌲rural🏨hostel🌷garden🏖beach🏖coast🏝island from €720 in ensuite; Nov–May

Destination Hostels

 ⤚Portugal⟶ M🏡village🏨hostel🍃terrace🏊pool🏖beach🏖coast from €720 in ensuite; Nov–May

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