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🇪🇦 Ya que somos emprendedores y nos rodeamos de personas como nosotros. Aquí te dejamos una lista de cómo poder apoyar a los negocios de tus amigos y de tu comunidad. 🙏 ¿Qué te parece si te comprometes a aplicar al menos 3 de estas actividades con 3 negocios que conozcas? Excelente manera de generar impacto ¿no? ---__ 🇬🇧 Since we are entrepreneurs and we surround ourselves with people like us. Here is a list of how you can support the businesses of your friends and your community. 🙏 What if we commit to applying at least 3 of these activities with 3 businesses that you know? Excellent way to make an impact, right? #Colivinglifestyle #Barcelona #bcn #bcnlovers #erasmus #comunidaddeimpacto #sustainability
💁💁‍♂️💁‍♀️Family that eats together, stays together! And that's how we want to make you feel at 👩‍🍳👩‍🍳Yet another #international dinner, this time by the hand of @ireschreiber_ who made this amazing ramen for everybody, "a little something warm, for the heart" #Colivinglifestyle 💚 ¡Familia que come unida, permanece unida! Y así es como queremos hacerte sentir en Otra cena #international, esta vez de la mano de @ireschreiber_, quien hizo este increíble ramen para todos, "algo cálido, para el corazón". #Colivinglifestyle 💚
‼️‼️‼️ Did you know we have a #CreationRoom at 🎧 🎙️ 📸 📽️ If you have a creativity or communications project you can rent out our space and we will help you set it up! (as we have all the amazing toys!) we've had people come to record podcasts, radio shows, #youtube videos, phootoshooting for products and models, and much more!! 💁‍♀️💁‍♂️💁 You can ask @munyi.images, @martinez.pol @emmanuellegalivarts @contodorespetoradio @hospitalidademprendedora how was their experience! 📩 If you have questions, just send us a DM!
🇪🇦 No es adiós, sino hasta luego! Gracias a nuestra colaboración con SURT pudimos contar con Nerea quien nos ha aportado mucho como figura dinamizadora de comunidad. Desde su trabajo diario hasta compartir conocimientos y experiencias para darle una mejor forma a nuestro proyecto social. ¡gracias @neri_magdalenas y @fundaciosurt ! 💚🏡 Nerea estudia Dinamización Comunitaria, en la @fundaciosurt . Un curso que ayuda a detectar y comprender las realidades de grupos desfavorecidos, mediar y planificar y hacer acciones para empoderarlos y mejorar su situacion. En Nerea se encargo de llevar adelante un proyecto que conectara a la #comunidad de #impacters, con asociaciones que pudieran ayudar, y hacer sinergias con ellas. 🇬🇧 It's not goodbye, but see you later! Thanks to our collaboration with #SURT we were able to count on Nerea who has contributed a lot to us as a dynamic figure for the #community. From her daily work, to sharing knowledge and experiences to give a better shape to our social project. 💚🏡 Nerea studies Community Dynamization at the SURT foundation. A course that helps detect and understand the realities of disadvantaged groups, mediate and plan and take actions to empower them and improve their situation. At Nerea was in charge of carrying out a project to connect and achieve synergies between the #community of #impacters and associations that could help. Thank you @neri_magdalenas y @fundacionsurt!

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· That’s an amazing place to stay. The hostel is located in the center next to a lot of bars and restaurants. It’s quite clean in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Stuff are friendly and explain you everything you need and provide you with helpful information about Barcelona. I met incredible people in this hostel. It’s a good destination if you travel alone because you will always find people to drink beer with. Personally I made great friends there and we continue travel together now:) Also, it has air conditioning regulated on schedule and you will not die from hot weather in summer. There are some rooms in shared dorm rooms as well as separate rooms for couples or friends who want to live in the separate room. Highly recommend it to everyone! Probably, my best hostel experiences so far.
· Hi guys! I’m so grateful for the time I’ve spent at #Coliving, the atmosphere and the people there amazed me. Julia an Cece are a great great team together, they are always trying to help you with everything you need. I totally recommend booking this hostel if you are looking for good accommodation where you can relax and have some fun too. Will be coming back soon 🙌🏼 Thanks!
· My friend and I stayed in the other building of Compact Coliving which is about two blocks away in room for two which was very spacious and had its own balcony too. The room was great for work and had airconditioning too. Julia and Cecilia were in charge of the other building and they were super nice and helpful! I just wish all hosts were this sweet. I can recommend to stay here and I will come back too ❤️
· The place is amazing, clean, extremely organized and mostly safe! several bathrooms, and rooms with digital access only. this left me in awe. everything is automated, bringing more security. the location is great. and Matias and his team are amazing people. I'm enjoying everything.
· I am really happy that I found this place. The Coliving seems more like a big family than like a hostel. Everyone was super nice and from time to time events are organized. It's also very good for working, because a lot of the people who come there also work. Although it will not always be 100% quiet since working spaces are also common living areas; but that was mostly not huge problem. The apartment is clean and modern and has a lot nice places to sit. Beds have sockets, light and USB and a curtain to maintain privacy. Location is central, but still not in a crowded area. Most places can be reached quickly by foot, metro or bus.

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