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· Shared living can take many forms, and it is easy to be skeptical about these types of arrangements, but Matt and Ola have truly created more than just a place to stay. As a newbie in Malta, I immediately made good friends. The house's atmosphere is warm and positive, with a perfect balance of providing privacy when I need it and socializing when I want. There is always someone around to hang out with because Matt and Ola have a fantastic ability to find tenants who are all like-minded and with lots in common! We never get bored, collectively organizing day trips, sports, and activities, nights out together, or just hanging out in the garden with a few beers and a barbeque. In my time here, we have been on a boat trip, started dinner and movie nights in the house, joined a regular football game every week, and much more. When you live here, you get a room plus a whole lifestyle, and it is one that I really love!
· This place is just amazing! I have been co working and co-living for some time now, and in my time in Malta I had the pleasure to meet Matt and Orla, the partners of EVOLVE, and was introduced to 2 of their beautiful properties. Not only does the co living space give you a great opportunity to meet other like minded digital nomads, on top of that you have these super clean, affordable and spacious accommodation with all the facilities for a fussy co worker like me!! Currently in Spain but will check back after Christmas!!
· Amazing community and an amazing location. It's way more than just a "house", it's spacious,, tidy, very well decorated with some Victorian style too, and rooms are phenomenal. Totally recommended, great value for the price.
· Amazing place. Open kitchen, clean pool, training area, in the heart of city.
· Really lovely place with a great backyard. We were not able to use the pool since it was winter but the common areas are very inviting. Be aware if you get a room facing the main street that it is very noisy 24-7 due to it being a major traffic thoroughfare. Difficult if you are a light sleeper.


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