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Evolve The White House

San Gwann in Malta 🇲🇹      ✉️


In this fast-paced and sometimes isolating world, our aim is to facilitate a relaxed and warm environment, where developing a real and genuine connection is natural and easy. Evolve is a fun and life-changing experience! What distinguishes us from other spaces is that our tribe is like a family.

Community comes first at Evolve Coliving. By joining the Evolve family, you become a part of a vibrant and international Digital Nomads community of like-minded people.

Through frequent community dinners, games nights and heaps of shared activities we bring great people together and are quickly establishing deeper connections between them.

Pool parties, BBQ's, beach days and late-night jacuzzi hangs. Trivia, games nights, skill shares and workshops. Windsurfing, kitesurfing and full-day private catamaran trips to stunning islands. The FOMO is real! And having a social life really supercharges your work.

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I recently spent seven months here, and I couldn't be happier with my experience. The community atmosphere was outstanding, making it easy to form lasting friendships and connections. The house itself was always impeccably clean and well-organized, thanks to the attentive and dedicated staff. Living here felt like being part of a family, with plenty of events and activities that brought everyone together. Cooliving truly exceeded my expectations, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a warm, welcoming, and well-managed co-living space.
Stayed for a month and only negative is that I didn’t stay longer! Such a great house, perfect WiFi to work from and everything you could need in a great location. Always full of great people too, you’ll be sure to make friends for life there
I originally booked to stay at Evolve for a month and ended up staying 13 months! This was my first coliving experience and exceeded my expectations. It was exactly what I needed for moving to a new country without knowing anyone, and I would recommend this place to anyone else doing the same. The community is truly amazing. Everyone is so warm, friendly, and welcoming - within a week, it felt like I was part of a family. Some people stayed more long term like me, while others stayed just a month or two, which was a good mix. Many also returned because they enjoyed it so much the first time round. The vibe changes when people come and go but there was never a bad group. I've made lasting friendships and I really can't emphasize enough how incredible this experience has been because of the people. The location is great, mid way between Sliema and St Julians. You can walk 20ish minutes downhill to either if it's not the height of summer (note: uphill on the way back!). San Gwann is quiet and there are plenty of shops/cafes around, including supermarkets and grocery stores. There are several bus stops nearby. Bolt/Uber is good value and can even be cheaper than buses if you're in a big group. Cleaners clean the common areas 6 days a week, which is definitely necessary in a house of this size and with so many people. Personally, one thing I really appreciated was that I became a cat mom during my stay and Matt and Ola supported that. To give a well-rounded review, I also need to be honest about the negatives - nowhere is perfect. Things break a lot: dishwashers, laundry facilities, Internet, vaccuum cleaners, pool filter, jacuzzi, coffee machine, fireplace, air conditioners, electricity outages, rain through the windows... sometimes it felt like as soon as one thing is fixed, it sets something else off. This isn't Matt and Ola's fault - some of this is just how things in Malta are built and getting good labour to properly fix the issues is harder than you think, however it was frustrating over time. For internet, it's best to come with your own backup or get a good data package, just in case. Noise: the way the house is built means that noise really travels. The doors can slam and get really noisy, especially when it's windy. Also, beds so squeaky. So. Squeaky. Mosquitos: they love me; they also love the house. Winter is fine, but from May-November they are around. If you're prone to bites, make sure you keep your room windows and doors closed, especially early morning and evening/night, and pick up spray, burners, candles, plug-ins etc. Mosquito nets would be a great upgrade. Having experienced a full year, I can say that it's a very different experience in the winter vs summer but both were great and had their benefits. Summer was all about bbqs, pool dips, dancing on the roof, late night drinks etc. Winter was quieter with cozy movie nights, more shared meals, game nights, activities like lazer tag and escape rooms, and hiking on the weekends. Overall, I loved my stay at Evolve. I'll cherish the memories and friendships made, keep in touch, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.
I stayed one month in Evolve Coliving, the house is absolutely amazing! I met fantastic people from everywhere and shared lovely moment with them. This is a good place to work with strong WIFI and relax with facilities (rooftop jacuzzi is a plus!). The weather is very nice during the "winter" in malta with sunny days and great temperature. I will definitely return at The White House!
I really love this house and would highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking of booking. The house itself has everything you need - a large kitchen which is very well equipped, large communal areas, a pool and a large rooftop terrace. Importantly, you can work comfortably in your room as each room has a desk and desk chair, but if you prefer to work around others, there is also plenty of comfortable co-working space. The location is good too - only a few mins walk to a supermarket and you can walk / take a taxi very cheaply to other surrounding towns. The house is really clean, which surprised me given how many people are living there. The best part of staying here is the community - the people I've met here will be friends for life. It's so nice to be surrounded by like-minded people and always having someone around to join you exploring the island / partying / watching a movie / whatever you fancy. All in all - I would highly recommend staying here. I've already stayed twice and would happily return again.
If you're reading this and considering going to Malta and spending time at Evolve, do it. In my six months at Evolve I didn't meet a single person who didn't come out of the experience feeling like it wasn't some of the nicest memories and best connections they've ever made. You'll meet a community of welcoming people who are always up to something fun. You'll go on adventures. You'll come out of it with a network of like-minded friends for life. Matt and Ola are one of a kind when it comes to running this kind of business. They both work extremely hard to make sure guests are happy, and they're generally just great people. PS — if you have questions and want to reach out, feel free. ✌️
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