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Evolve Sliema

in Maltaโ€‰๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿ‡น ย  ย  ย โœ‰๏ธ

has closed for coliving, it offered:

In this fast-paced and sometimes isolating world, our aim is to facilitate a relaxed and warm environment, where developing a real and genuine connection is natural and easy. Evolve is a fun and life-changing experience! What distinguishes us from other spaces is that our tribe is like a family.

Community comes first at Evolve Coliving. By joining the Evolve family, you become a part of a vibrant and international Digital Nomads community of like-minded people.

Through frequent community dinners, games nights and heaps of shared activities we bring great people together and are quickly establishing deeper connections between them.

Pool parties, BBQ's, beach days and late-night jacuzzi hangs. Trivia, games nights, skill shares and workshops. Windsurfing, kitesurfing and full-day private catamaran trips to stunning islands. The FOMO is real! And having a social life really supercharges your work.

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Do yourself a favour and donโ€™t book this place. I booked 4 nights here with a private room, my friend booked there own private room. The hotel didnโ€™t have a copy of my booking so offered to split my booking between two different rooms. Not ideal. When I woke up on the 2nd day of my stay I had an email telling me that the room they were going to move me to had been booked and that Iโ€™d have to leave the hotel. I booked through so contacted them. They advised that a hotel cannot do this to their guest and itโ€™s against their policy. So I went back to the Evolve and said Iโ€™d paid for 4 nights and I wanted to stay for 4nights. They would not let me, and when I asked to speak to someone on the phone was told, they didnโ€™t like my attitude and evicted me on the second day of my 4day stay. A really awful experience that I wouldnโ€™t recommend. Good day.
The vibe at Evolve is fantastic! They have a unique model and do an amazing job of maintaining the property and bringing together likeminded people who just connect! I loved concept of community run activities. It gave a fresh and varied atmosphere that had the freedom to change depending on the people. The facilities and amenities were all kept in great condition and overall I really recommend Evolve to anyone looking for top tier accommodation with flexible leases and landlords who actually care about who you live with!
During our stay, we were unfortunately faced with cockroaches on two consecutive days upon getting to the hotel after spending the day outside. When we brought up the first cockroach to the management via a Whatsapp text, they were surprisingly not very responsive or interested, which we thought was weird, since they seemed very helpful at first before the cockroach issue arose. On the next day, when another cockroach appeared, we texted the management again to let them know we are not comfortable with this situation anymore, and we would at least like to change rooms. Even though they saw the message on Whatsapp, they decided to ignore it. The next morning I called them up since they never replied, and they were unable to even provide a reason for not getting back to us at all. They told us they were sorry, and that sometimes cockroaches appear in hot weather, which is an absurd thing to say. We highlighted that the balcony door handle was broken, thus the balcony could not shut properly, and moreover in the balcony windows, two big glass tiles were missing, which makes it very easy for cockroaches to come into the apartment. We had to cover the balcony door gaps with toilet paper and towels ourselves in order to seal the gaps, so cockroaches wouldn't enter through the gaps. Since we stayed for 5 nights, and I paid extra in order to get a room with a balcony, which we never got to enjoy since we had to seal it off myself in order for the cockroaches not to come in, we think the least they could have offered was compensation to cover the price difference between a balcony and non-balcony room. While getting in contact with Booking, they refused to offer any compensation whatsoever, which we find incredibly rude. Along with the fact that they tried to sweep the issue under the carpet, and ignore us by delaying responses or not answering at all, the customer experience was horrific compared to any other Booking stay we ever had and we have had plenty.
This is one of the best ideas I have seen in a while. What has been created in these houses is something special. *Edit: Unfortunately for some reason we cannot explain the people managing the house did not want to continue working for a good family environment in this house, they generated many conflicts with tennents and many of us decided to leave because of them, a toxic environment with the landlords is never a good thing to feel in your day to day, but the family living there remains united (so they did something good and amazing, and I believe they can continue doing so if they change their toxic attitude towards the people who live there). Advice: If you decide to rent a room there, before you pay the deposit, always take pictures of all the details and broken things, otherwise they will make you pay for it in the end using your deposit and there is nothing you can do to prove it was not you who did that damage. Also, if you feel like there is something that should be fixed in the house, you should not complain to Matt or Ola as this is what generated all the mess. Apart from that, enjoy the houses and all its perks and the number of interesting people living there whom I miss and will always remember with love and joy.
Loved our stay at Maltese Maltese! Matt and Ola were fantastic hosts. They had great knowledge of the local area and were able to make recommendations on things to see and do. The room was beautiful - tastefully decorated and spacious allowing you privacy with access to a shared environment in the common areas. It's well worth sticking around for the breakfast in a morning before heading off for the day with a great selection of fresh food. Everything was kept immaculate and the whole place is very clean. The garden really takes Maltese Maltese to the next level - the perfect place to sit and relax, and spend time with great company. Would recommend 100% and would definitely return to stay with Matt and Ola again!
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