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Finca La Palmera near Tarifa

in Spain 🇪🇸   ✉️

since 2022, offering:

🚪‍6 private roomssingle from 880/month  mini coliving, 🌲 rural, 👩‍💻 workations, 🧚 community facilitation, 📶 fibre, 🌷 garden, 🧺 housekeeping, ♻️ sustainability, 🚲 bikes2 basic 🛒 shopsbasic at door; weekly outing 🌾 farmingpermaculture garden 🦺 volunteering⅔ discount (min. 3 months) 🚫 exclusionsdeparture cleaning €50 🏖 beach20mins bike 💬 Wrong details?

We advocate for ecological community living, where diverse individuals with shared values come together to contribute to a meaningful and enriching experience. Each person brings unique skills and passions, shaping the community organically.

Our mission is to create the best possible setting for a conscious community to thrive. A place that instantly feels like home, where you can retreat from stress and overstimulation, ground yourself and relax.

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This is the most wonderful eco co-living finca that says true to its values! I didn’t take enough photos but it’s beautiful, with a permaculture garden, a yoga platform, and hammocks to swing in. It’s got brilliant WiFi, essential for being a digital nomad. It’s also set in a very well-located village that feels like it’s in the middle of nowhere but is actually within good distance of fab beaches and other hotspots and has with three great restaurants within three mins walk (albeit we stayed in December and it was pot lot if they were open!). Stefanie is a FANTASTIC host and really makes you feel welcome and generously shares the secrets of this little corner of heaven with you. She brings everyone together and makes it easy to adventure! Maral, who helps to look after the finca and us lodging there, has a brilliant sense of humour and is an even better cook - you must try her cooking! Miro is the most delightful dog who always wants to play, we miss him so much. In fact, I’m writing this review from cold and rainy UK and I’m wondering why we’re not back there already…
I had such an amazing time at Finca La Palmera and felt super blissed out during my stay there. Even though I went on my own without a car and just had a handful of housemates in a tiny village, I still felt like I had more to do there and a better sense of community than I usually do living in a big city. The house attracts a lovely crowd of thoughtful folks looking to slow down and reconnect for a bit. In our free time, we enjoyed ukulele and board game nights, little excursions around the area, and long walks around the neighbourhood pastures with the goodest boi Milo. Since it’s near the southernmost tip of Europe, the weather was mild into December and often even sunny, plus we were able to stay cozy by the fireplace in the evenings. It was also a great setup for me as a remote worker with plenty of coworking tables, and enough nooks for everyone to have privacy while taking calls. Finally, it’s a beautiful, serene place and surrounded by stunning nature. I’m already hoping to return next year and can highly recommend it to anyone looking for a place to relax and reset!
Could I write a 23 page essay on why this is the absolutely best place to stay? Of course I can, but for the sake of this review, I’ll keep it short and sweet. Steffi and Milo are the soul of this genuine community, both will make your stay a unique experience. I’ve been traveling for a while now and is in rare occasions that I find such an amazing, peaceful, beautiful and harmonious place. On top of this are the wonderful people that la finca attracts and whom you might share interesting conversations, cooking, coffee, wine, walks on the beach, tours and most importantly lots of laughs. I had two main objectives when I booked to stay with Steffi & Milo. One was to meet awesome people and the other was to be productive at work, and I did achieve both. But I’m grateful for the community at the finca for being exactly that, a COMMUNITY. This meant we got to do a bunch of things together, care for each other, enjoy the company and understand when each needed a “me time”. So, if you’re thinking on a place where you connect with people, nature and yourself while enjoying being productive at work. This is definitely your place. PS: I was without a car but willing to walk to Zahara or ride along when someone else was heading to the other towns. It was completely fine and easy to manage. PS: I found love in the form of Milo, he is absolutely with out questions the best dog you’ll ever meet in a lifetime.
This was my first ever coliving and I’ve been hooked ever since. Steffi creates a perfect balance of community and independence because this is her through and through. She’s a wonderful host, and a unique and inspiring person. The space is so tranquil and the people I was lucky enough to spend the month with will be longstanding friends. Milo is the best dog you could ever wish to meet and walking him at sunset was one of my favourite pastimes. The whole place feels incredibly special. The 5 weeks I spent there were transformational and I can’t recommend it highly enough.
I can not remember the last time that I was able to rest and recover so much. I just enjoyed being in the finca; working online, spending time on the yoga platform reading or just lying and observing the wind in the trees, taking evening walks on the beach and swim in the ocean and enjoying wonderful company. For sure a true healing place!
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