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PodShare Venice

in California, the USA 🇺🇸 and 3 other locations      ✉️


All PodShare locations have a $15 daypass for daytime access to all the common facilities except pods.

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**THE ONLY 5* REVIEWS ON HERE ARE PEOPLE WHO WORK AT THE HOSTEL. DONT BE FOOLED JUST READ THE REST** The people who run this place need to take some accountability for the reviews and stop sugar coating things and make changes. There is no privacy in the pods as curtains are not allowed. The toilet doors are flimsy, can be easily looked through and do not have proper locks. The back podshare area is meant to have the kitchen out of use from 10pm during quiet time. This is not practiced, there was an individual constantly up and down to the fridge and microwaving food until 2.30am. This fills the room with light. The back door off this area is also continually left open and there were people talking loudly after quiet hours Good location but wouldn't waste the money on this place. Bathrooms were grubby as was the overall place. Towels also smell like wet dog.
This place is downright filthy and an embarrassment to the hostel industry. First and foremost you will leave this place with bugs and bug bites. When we arrived the common areas had dirty food spilled on tables, only 1 of 3 bathrooms had toilet paper, and the entire building stunk like it hadn't been cleaned in years. The receptionist offered a dirty used bunk to our friend, then lied saying another one of our friends had undone the sheets like that. PodShare Venice doesn't deserve your money, time or to even be on this planet anymore stay a million miles elsewhere.
I’m a big fan of the feel of a hostel and this place lived up to the expectation. The property and yard are huge, the bamboo and butterflies and big open grass space was my favorite part of being here. The location couldn’t be better with a coffee shop and the canals essentially across the street, all the restaurants of Abbot Kinney 2 blocks up and the beach and boardwalk only a 12 minute walk away!! I had a blast here. Perfect ground zero for an adventure in Venice!
I love the nature here in the back yard! It’s such an amazing space. The staff are so personable and lovely and really try to accommodate you. I can easily walk to the beach! And I love the area. Definitely coming back!
STAY AWAY!!! Podshare is a nightmare. I left with large red welts on arms & legs. They have an ignored insect infestation. Staffer sprayed along windowsill and that was it. But I was bitten under the blankets! Owner, Elvina, is "Maleficient", mean spirited, yells at staff and guests alike. Grounds are nice beds are set up like a concentration camp. All are down long rows with tension wire on upper bunks. Looks nice outside but it couldn't be a less inviting place to stay. They don't let people see beds area prior to check-in and though I did nothing wrong was asked to leave earlier than I paid for without a refund. I'm contesting that through my credit card at least they're on my side!
In theory, this is a great place right a coworker spot where you can rent a little pod get your work done and live in Venice for less than $2000 a month right well first you have to get past the gatekeeper a short little bridge troll who decided to who decided to ask me to leave when I was asking questions about the ownership and the day rate for staying there which is $15 pretty convinced this is a cover for either CIA recruiting or just a bunch of really rude trustafarians. From what I could tell is mostly homeless people staying there anyway packing their bunks with all of their belongings, not my cup of tea.
I sent message this company and felt bad. Do you have something contact to you? I plan to go to LA this Friday, if I can stay one night I change this review. I book and paid LA location but this time the parking is not available due to road cleaning. I showed up and request cancel but they did not do that. I ask Agoda but they can not help I ask pod share they also did not refund or voucher to next visit.
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