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PodShare Venice

in California, the USA 🇺🇸 and 3 other locations      ✉️


All PodShare locations have a $15 daypass for daytime access to all the common facilities except pods.

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**Edit: This problem is now fixed. The building has heating. WARNING! Do not book during the winter or spring. This place does not have heating. At night the temperature drops to 40-50 degrees, which is extremely uncomfortable to sleep in, especially since they don’t provide adequate blankets for this type of weather. I’m sleeping in my winter jacket at night to stay warm and my head still gets very cold - and I’m from Minnesota! Not sure how this is legal. When I asked the staff they claim they have no heater. When I pressed the booking company, they put up a tiny 12 inch space heater pointed at my bed - that barely does anything in a giant open space building. You won’t be able to sleep, your experience will be very uncomfortable and you will probably get sick. Not worth any price to charge - it feels like you’re just sleeping on a stiff mattress outside.
They have an open room concept, meaning: you don’t sleep (for example) in a 6 bedroom with a door, because there are no doors. Everything is open and connected - all the beds, the living area, kitchen, bath and exit. So you hear noises all the time. Me and my boyfriend stayed for one night and didn’t get much sleep. I especially didn’t like that the bathrooms weren’t separated from the sleeping area and not closed off. I’m the back, we’re we were sleeping, the sink was open to the room, the shower and the toilet had louvered doors, so you would hear everything (really everything) all the time, all night. Although quiet time was supposed to be from 10pm to 10am, you couldn’t sleep longer than 7/8am as people were beginning to use the bathroom, which, again, you could hear. The exit door was opened early, too, so it got cold and someone from staff turned on the light and talked to some people very loudly. Also, for the whole unit there were only 3 toilets (4 but one had no door at all) which wasn’t enough as people kept waiting or looking for a free bathroom. Lastly I was a bit disappointed of the vibe. I am used to hostels being super welcoming and friendly. Here staff was friendly when asked something, otherwise seemed annoyed. But: I have to say, the bathrooms were quite clean most of the time and I guess if you get a bed high up in the big room and not right to the hallway between bathroom, kitchen and beds, you might not have all these problems. And free parking was great.
I just loved staying at this place! The idea with the pods is so cool and you get to meet so many people, some are passing by some are longer-term resident. The beach is only a 10 min walk away, so just perfect! You won't regret your stay there! :D
I have contracted bed bugs from here. edit: this is actually really bad. I have to wash everything in my house now and this is extremely stressful. I won't go for a refund because I guess I get what I pay for but I've learned a valuable lesson here not to go for a cheap hostel. Thanks for the service anyways edit 2: I am still deploying widespread defensive and offensive measures within my home to contain the spread of the bed bugs :(
Quaint, rustic, offbeat travel hub in the heart of Venice is a perfect spot! features Co-Living at its finest! I have visited POD Venice once a year, since 2021 and I enjoy my stay there more & more every time! The staff is friendly & welcoming and the Manager on duty -Dustin- was attentive, informative, & helpfull! They offer a variety of on-site amenities & truly help with local happenings & events to attend. Very amazing place, not your average by the beach hostel :)
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