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Geena and Eric got married in the woods. It wasn’t the most traditional setting for a wedding but, just like their nomadic lifestyle, it was perfect for them. ''Life always comes before work'' Eric says of their ethos and travel style. Geena and Eric had a good life in the States. Geena went to nursing school then worked in a hospital, while Erik worked in computer security. From an outsider’s perspective, their lives weren’t lacking anything – yet they wanted more, and decided to travel and work remotely. Geena has completely switched careers from a nurse to a travel blogger and travel planner. Eric has kept his day job but now does it remotely. It’s interactions with people that motivate Geena and Eric. ''Sitting together, offering a smile. Even with the language barrier, just sitting at the same table and being open is well received''. What does the future hold? Geena and Eric hope to start a family but are contemplating keeping up the nomad lifestyle with kids in tow. While the future isn’t set in stone, it’s bound to be interesting. When asked of their biggest dreams, Eric says they’re living it already. ''Well, this or being an astronaut'' he adds with a smile.
This week, our nomad co-live begins. We’re excited to host a few nomad families and bring back the Punta la Barca vibe that we love so much. Punta La Barca believes in welcoming new friends!
It takes 4 days to adapt. That's my conclusion after the years we've had remote workers coming to Punta La Barca. The first day, most don't manage to get a lot done. The view, the outdoors, the sea and the hills. Nature is calling (and even more when you come with jet lag). The second day, one tends to try at least. Then you hear a bird singing. See a kitesurfer going out. Deconcentrating. The third day, you're there. A headset to lock out the bird, eyes on the screen. All focused. And from the fourth day... focus and joy start to combine 😍. Headset goes out, the birds are singing are your focus now. The beach is there for a quick, refreshing pause. You feel ready for months of getting things done 💻🌊🤸‍♂️
Relax, everyone and enjoy the Christmas break with family and friends!
· I stayed for two weeks and liked it a lot. The shower is very warm. The view is amazing, you really can see the Wales there. I was even lucky enough to see some dolphins. Even though it was in August (cloudy season) I had around 4 to 5 sunny days per week. I can recommend it and would come again.
· This place is awesome. It is right on the beach, while I was here I saw whales almost everyday, the internet is great, and Inge and Juan are awesome. I really can’t recommend this place enough. It is the perfect place to relax. The town is a bit small but it has the basics. Also you can take kite surfing lessons and you aren’t too far from two national parks. I had an amazing time.
· It is a very nice hostel, nice and helpfully stuff. I felt very welcome! a quite beach and peacful place without many tourrists. Unfortunutly the room where we slept wasnt very clean tho.. some animals feces felt at our bed at night,two times.. there wasnt a mosquito protection :/
· What an amazing week with Inga, Juan and there two little boys. This is more like staying with a big family of guests and friends all eating together and playing volleyball most nights. If you are after a cheap and cheerful hostel with some private rooms and dorms + good WiFi and kitchen facilities - this place is a must. If you normally stay in fancy hotels and guesthouses and have higher expectations than we do - do not choose Punta La Barca. Look at the pictures and the Facebook group for it and see if it is your kind of travel experience.
· Nice place with a nice vibe run by cool owners. It's a hostel but camping is also possible. WiFi is available and kitchen to make own food. Great views over the ocean.

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