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Sun and Co Xàbia

Costa Blanca, Spain🇪🇸  ·      ✉️

since 2015
Our Sun and Co. guests aka 'colivers' are some of the most interesting people around. Each of them has a different story to tell, but one thing they have in common? They are always a source of inspiration ✨💡⠀ _⠀ That's why we are happy to share their stories, so that no matter what your job is, or path in life, they can inspire you to take a chance and try coliving as well!⠀ _⠀ This month we are featuring Matt 🇺🇸 Senior Software Engineer that came all the way from the US to experience coliving at Sun and Co. for the first time.⠀ _⠀ Head to our blog to read his story @sunandco_javea⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #coworking #digitalnomadlife #distributedcompany #digitalnomad #digitalnomads #futureofwork #goremote #laptoplifestyle #locationindependent #coliving
On May 6th 2021 the winners of the very first Edition of the Coliving Awards were revealed. The winners of each of the 11 categories were selected among over 100 projects submitted from all over the world. ⠀ _⠀ 🥇🥇🥇 And guess what? We won the award for BEST COLIVING COMMUNITY & USER EXPERIENCE!!⠀ _⠀ Here are some words from the lead category judge @guiperdrix ➡ “As a coliving space, you have shown how you care about the people that visit your space, and they have shown it back to you: the crowdfunding campaign is only one example, the retention rate another. The same goes for your reviews, your neighborhood engagement, and all of the activities that you create to bring the best out of your community. Lastly, you should be honored for your approach that encourages individual responsibility and ownership. Bravo!” 😎🥂⠀ _⠀ Thanks to all the @colivingawards team and above all, thanks to our Sun and Co. Community for supporting us throughout the years, and especially during the difficult times. You know who you are! 💛💛💛⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #coliving #futureofliving #colivingconference #sharedliving #colivingspace #colivingindustry #colivingawards #community #colivingspaces #futureofwork #remotework #remoteworkers #workingremotely #bestcommunity #uxinspiration #workgoals #personalgrowth #createyourlife #lifeworkbalance #flexibleworking #businessinspo #creativeentrepreneurs #goalgetter #creativecommunity #communityovercompetition #winners #locationindependent #businessowner #entrepreneurslife #colivingspain
Best of this week! 📸⠀ _⠀ From celebrating birthdays together to BBQs on the patio, long work breaks and bike rides, skillshares, tapas nights and more... the 'new normal' feels a lot like the 'old normal' at Sun and Co., and we are liking it! _⠀ Oh and in case you haven’t heard.. 🥇🥇🥇 we won the 2021 Coliving Award for Best Community & User Experience!!! _ Swipe right if you want to see the exact moment we found out we were the winners ➡️➡️➡️😎 .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #coliving #colivingspace #remoteworking #remoteworkers #remoteworker #workremotely #coworkingcommunity #whereiwork #goremote #coworkingspaces #colivingspaces #colivingcommunity #createyourlifestyle #nomadliving #flexibleworking #welivetotravel #remoteoffice #nomadict #fulltimetraveller #workremote #futureofwork #lifeworkbalance #xàbia #xabia #digitalnomadlifestyle #creativeentrepreneurs #spaintravel #colivingspain #travelspain #javea
It's been a while since the last time we were able to say this, but finally... Sun and Co. is back to a full house again! 🏠🌻 _⠀ 15 people staying with us in May is something that gives us a lot of hope for the future, and we are incredibly happy (and almost a bit shocked!) to see booking coming in again 💛 _⠀ ✌🏼 We still have a couple of spots left for May and good availability for June, head to our link in bio to book! .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #coworking #coworkinglife #digitalnomadlife #digitalnomad #digitalnomads
from @andthenshedecidedtolive When I was in Spain, this was my favorite way to start the day... head downstairs to make myself a cup of coffee while everyone was sleeping and the house was quiet... head back upstairs to my room and open up the gorgeous windows... sit on the floor and soak in the morning sun in stillness... Being present to the morning and feeling the immense gratitude for the gift of this beautiful experience I was having... _ This weekend I found myself missing more than I ever have the way life was before this pandemic. The little things. The big things. The sense of freedom. The (imagined) sense of certainty. As I sat to journal this morning, I remembered this photo and the feeling attached to it. Being present. Being grateful for the gift of this moment. Allowing myself to feel whatever it is that I’m feeling. _ There are gifts in everything we experience. Even if, especially if, it’s hard. #mondaymorning #cadeautje #andthenshedecidedtolive @sunandco_javea 💛
from @coworkies Looking for an #internship? This (amazing) team is hiring 🧑🏼‍💻👩‍💻 . Join @sunandco_javea as their next Marketing and PR Intern To make your way in this #coliving and #coworking paradise ☀️ check out our job board to see the full ad and job requirements (
from @coworkies What will 2021 looks like at @sunandco_javea ? For Jon, it will be a year of change and opportunities . Change in the way we work, more and more #remote, meaning we can choose where we want to work from . Which is a big opportunity for @sunandco_javea to welcome new members, first timers or long time connaisseurs in #coliving, #coworking and #digitalnomadslife . Once again thank you Jon for sharing your incredible story!. . How much did you guys enjoy our chat? Add as many 💖 as you can in the comments to tell us ⬇️
from @coworkies Let’s end the week... with Jon and reflect together with him on the year that just passed at the beautiful @sunandco_javea in Javea, Spain . Jon will share his #coliving and #coworking adventures and tell us how they adapted throughout the pandemic with their space and #community who normally transform through the year from a coliving space to a hostel. What happened this year? Tune in later to find out! . Join the conversation, starting at 07:00PM GMT+1

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Wonderful place! The whole organization is remarkable. Jon really tries to connect people and create a good framework for community living. All this adds up with a beautiful spacious accommodation that lacks nothing and a fantastic Spanish coastal city.
My time at Sun and Co. was just amazing ✨ I spent over a month here and enjoyed every single day of it. The community makes this Coliving so special. Besides cooking, hiking and other social events there are a variety of professional events which I really liked a lot. Especially my mastermind session was great. I can highly recommend Sun and Co. to everyone who wants to live and work with a great community. Besides that, Javea is a super cute little town 😍
Incredible experience!!! If you are looking for a COMMUNITY, that is exactly what you are going to find there. Fascinating people, amazing chats, time and space to focuse in work and also a schedule full of interesting activities to enjoy both in the social and the profesional side. It is something you should experience at least once in a lifetime…
Sun & Co is truly a magical place. Jon and Silvia have a great talent in not just providing a great place to live and work but also creating an environment of community where it is about sharing. My stay here was truly on off the best cowork experiences I've had so far and I already booked my next stay. Definitely come to Javea - even if it is just for Sun and Co. soooo worth it!
I absolutely loved my time at Sun & Co! It was my first time there, and I initially just booked a one-week stay. I ended up extending it to two weeks, and honestly would've stayed longer if I could have! The space is so beautiful - clean, modern and set up perfectly. It's located right in the old town, but within walking distance to the beach, and lots of great coastal hikes. (I had no idea Javea was so beautiful before visiting!) But, what really makes Sun & Co. stand out is the team they have there. They go above and beyond to make you feel at home, and are incredible at creating a sense of community among the group. All of them are so warm, kind-hearted, and genuinely excited to make your experience memorable and productive. I was able to really focus on work, all while building great friendships along the way. I can't recommend Sun & Co. highly enough! I will most certainly be back. : )

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