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The Collective Old Oak

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I have lived here now for 6 months. And now about to upgrade my room and extend for another 6 months. It’s been great. Most of the staff are very friendly. The facilities are alright, some stuff could be looked after better like the games room, the cinema and the gym but that’s mostly down to the residents living here. The laundry room washing machines and dryers need updating as half of them don’t work or are always out of order. There has been issues with hot water every now and then but the collective have been promptly onto the issue every-time or almost issues that are raised in the building are addressed very quickly. They have just updated areas of the collective which is nice like adding in a post room with a code to get in and the post in your correct place for easy collection. There is also something like an event/ activity they put on most days where u can get free food or drink as well as meet others residents and learn about different culture days etc. Update: just renewed and upgraded my room. Got a good price for this as well as the move was smooth to switch from one room to another room. Within the last couple of months there has been some new reception staff and they are great. They are very happy to help, always smiling and everything seems to move a lot smoother. Especially one called Kiri, lovely guy always saying hi if he sees me and asking how my day has been, even remembers the personal stuff and questions like asking how my ankle has been which I torn not long ago, which is a surprise he remembers with the amount of people they see a day. He is always very helpful when I see him as has sorted any issue I have had very quickly like the wrong code on the parcel room and sorting out my mail boxes as well as remembering about questions or queries I may have. I’m very glad he is on the team. And I always make sure to say hi or if I have any problems that I go to him!
I really have to warn everyone from moving to The Collective Old Oak. I have been living here for 3 years and they have only increased the rent every single year. They don't care you choose to renew and have been a member for long. They will raise the price every single time you want to renew. It is very uncomfortable to live in a place like that. On top of that, I have moved out 2 months and a half ago and they STILL have not returned my deposit back. I have sent 20 emails already. They still have not done it. I am not even sure if they will at all. This is just unacceptable. The reception staff is so not useful either. I do not think this place is worth the stay. They brought too many issues.
Very good overall, I have a nice room however the sizes can be a little bigger. There are many positives about living here, including a social area, lots of workrooms to study in, nice people. I would recommend for someone who wants to get away from the busy city life and grind for a bit. Would defo not recommend living here for life but it offers a great environment to get your life together for sure. Highly recommend and Great thanks to Abdo Dada for being able to help me with the smooth transition process. He made it easy to give me knowledge of the rooms and select a room here.
Moved in almost a month ago and was uncertain until we saw the apartment. Although it's small, there's plenty of space in the communal areas for work and relaxation. Abdo Dada was helpful in securing our accommodation. ➕: Everything is taken care of, including additional costs, council tax, and wifi. There are plenty of opportunities to meet new people and participate in events. The sauna is my favorite spot. The in-building supermarket is a convenient emergency resource. The location has good public transport access. ➖: Common areas can be dirty or cold. The heating doesn't work, and there are frequent issues with the laundromats and hot water.
Too many issues that will cause you stress. Communication here is almost impossible. I regret my choice in renewing however they have very nice reception staff. Kiri is always smiling and making me feel welcome. 👍🏻
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