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from @lisafearoncoaching Back in the office with an early start after the long bank holiday, and so inspired for the day ahead! I love working from here - it really motivates me, so I get a lot done. Wishing you all a great day!💜
from @weightsandshakeslondon Happy Bank Holiday people 💅🏼 Who’s in need of a detox juice!? 🥤👀😅 #Cleansing #WeightsAndShakes #TheCollective #London
from @weightsandshakeslondon Little bit to the right Nick ➡️😜 #Neon #Sign #WeightsAndShakes #London
from @lisafearoncoaching Posted @withregram • @thecollective_living What's it like to dive head first into co-living during a pandemic? We asked Old Oak member Lisa who moved in on the very first day of lockdown. As a wellbeing coach and NHS professional, she shares how stress busting techniques and her newfound community got her through the most difficult year of her life. Check the link in bio to read more. Thank you to @thecollective_living for featuring me in the latest blog. Is shared here about my experience working as ‘frontline’ whilst living in a community such as this. The first picture was pretty much the last event I ran in person, at Glastonbury, the 2nd photo was me and my amazing colleague Alex joking around trying to keep things positive at work, the last photo - my favourite- my new role as co-presenter of our TV show at @thecollective_living with the amazing @stevesurr 💜 It’s certainly been a big transformational year for me!
Perks of coliving at The Collective Old Oak: sunsets over London from the uppermost floors, sunsets and summer tunes on the roof terrace, sunsets with pizza and cocktails by the canal. Sunsets galore.
As well as all our shared spaces to connect, work and unwind, our members have their own totally private space to retreat back to when they need to reset. It’s all about finding that balance. Snuggly pic by illusions_bach
Throwback to long, long ago when singing and dancing together in the Old Oak Lobby was a regular pastime of our members. We're waiting until we can dance together again soon 🙏
For #LonelinessWeek we've put together 10 Things to do When You’re Lonely in London. From book clubs and sewing circles to volunteer opportunities and co-living, we explore ideas big and small that will spark social connections and ease those feelings of loneliness. [link in bio] Pic by: @heloscoparo

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· Starting with the positives. The communal areas on each floor are very nice, probably one of the only things good about the place. There are games rooms, spa rooms and nice quite work areas. The staff are great and very helpful. But overall it is not worth what you pay at all. The room itself is very small, the main take away about this place is that there is no AC in the rooms. So between April- Winter there is unbearable heat, mostly the higher the floor you stay. Outside could be cold but inside will be boiling. During summer you cannot sleep or stay in the room for more than a few hours with inside heat levels being between 7-9/10 on average and you feel like you can’t breath because of the humidity. Even with multiple fans on and humidifiers. During winter it is not a bad stay, but besides that it’s not worth it. Short term isn’t bad but don’t tie yourself in for more than a few months.
· Friendly, welcoming service.good customer experience. Great filter coffee. Worth a visit
· Affordable Place for long-term, quite peaceful and fun place to rent. Easy access to local transport and shops
· My cousin and I found this gem whilst walking from Paddingtin to Old Oak by the Grand Union Canal. Spacious, roomy with a nice ambience and a cool vibe. Food and coffee wasnt bad either👍🏽
· I booked a 5month stay at Old Oak and was really happy with it. The room was clean and comfortable and the facilities were great for me to work from. The staff are very helpful and friendly. I recommend this place to others and I look forward to returning!

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