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U-Co Juarez

Mexico City in Mexico 🇲🇽      ✉️

has closed for coliving, it offered:

🚪‍ private rooms from €380/fortnight €630/month 👯‍♂️‍ dormitory beds dorm (4 pods) from €130/fortnight €210/month  small coliving, 🏙 city, 🛁 ensuites, 📶 fibre, 🧺 housekeeping, 💬 Wrong details?

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So, this review will be split into private rooms and dorms. They are very different... if you want a private, this is a decent place to stay. But for dorms, you are much better off at U Co Roma (10 minutes away). So the privates are nice, very clean, very spacious. They really need a fan or basic air conditioning as they can get very hot, and they can be a bit loud too, but they're nice enough. The toilets are usually very clean, and they even provide towels for free. They also have free, communal toiletries. If you stay there long term, you may consider investing in a basic desk fan, but overall, a positive experience. The 4 bed dorms, however, are frankly substandard. The room in the basement was not clean at all. There was water dripping from the ceiling, and it had flooded badly the night before we stayed there. Furthermore, several guests have been robbed there recently. There were no locks as there were no doors to the dorm, and we were only provided with a very small locker. I spoke to the cleaner about moving rooms. I am not a fussy person as I am backpacking right now, but the dorm was very far from what was advertised. She was very friendly and professional with directing me to the manager. She is also learning English, which is very appreciated, as my Spanish is quite basic. The manager then swapped us into the U Co Roma dorms without any hassle. So the service was good, but I don't think it's fair to put their 4 bed dorm in the basement at this price point. We were also lucky that they were still around, as the hostel is usually entirely unattended in the evenings.
Very Bad. Somebody entered the dorm where I was staying with other 2 people, broke my lock, and tried to get my belongings. I was awake and heard clearly the lock opening and someone walking away. I immediately got up and checked my locker, the lock was gone and my bag was left open in the drawer. I didn't hear the main door closing. I talked to the other guests and learned some other thefts already happened 2 weeks before. I am terrified right now because I could hear the whole thing behind my bedroom. my locker was closed, the lock gone. this happened literally 10 seconds before I jumped out of bed and realized what happened and with another guest, we tried to reach out for help in the basement, but none of the staff was there. I also tried to call the U-co Number but no one Is answering. not safe, I don't recommend it. EDIT: after promising me a refund for the 4 nights I didn't spend there because of their poor security situation, they failed to send me the money. Dishonest and unsafe, trust me there are better options in the city for way less money and risk.
I really enjoyed my time, met great people, and the facilities were pretty good. The area is well located and safe and the internet was reliable for working. However, noise and security are unfortunately two really big issues that have to drag my rating down. The building is super echoey, and common area is in the courtyard of the building. This means sound echoes into every dorm and room through the old windows or doors, to the point it can disturb work and definitely sleep. As other reviews say, staff are not onsite overnight; which is a security concern in itself, but it also means there is no one checking to make sure people are being quiet overnight. There are definitely ways U-Co could fix this; converting the basement room into a common area (but unfortunately this is a dorm to maximise revenue), or similarly the rooftop. As it is now, I couldn't recommend it for more than a short stay, but I'd love to return if the noise was addressed.
If you are looking for a great place to stay in Juárez, look no further than U-co living Juárez! I recently stayed here and I cannot say enough good things about this wonderful living space. The staff at U-co living Juárez is simply amazing - they are friendly, helpful, and always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that their guests are comfortable and happy. One of the things that impressed me the most about U-co living Juárez was how clean the rooms are. The housekeeping staff does an outstanding job keeping everything neat and tidy, and I never once felt like I was staying in an unclean space. Of course, one of the best things about U-co living Juárez is the fair prices. I was pleasantly surprised at how affordable this living space is, especially considering how nice the rooms and amenities are. Whether you are staying for a short-term or long-term stay, U-co living Juárez offers a range of pricing options to fit your needs and budget. Overall, I highly recommend U-co living Juárez to anyone looking for a comfortable, clean, and affordable living space in Juárez.
I had a great couple of weeks at U-Co Juarez. It provides the social aspect of a hostel but also with co-working and peace when necessary. It's also nice to have a capsule with a door for privacy. The place was extremely clean, there were plenty of facilities such as a kitchen and laundry, and it had a real homey vibe. The staff were all friendly, helpful and Cianny made the whole stay really pleasant for me. Would definitely use again!
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