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· Love this place just in the middle of Legian area. Very comfortable inside, cool aircond while hot sun outside. Amazing coffee, I tried avocado coffee for the first time! Highly recommended!
· Such a nice place for work with good food and coffe. Quiet and cozy. Highly recommended!
· Stayed here for 2 months, and really enjoyed it. Very convenient location, and the wifi speeds are blazing fast in the co-working area. We were skeptical about tyring out a co-living experience but it was really top notch here. Good location, good people, a good cafe. Totally reccomend!
· Ok so first of all this place is so HOMEY. The staffs welcomed you well with smile and they know when to come to you and help! Shout out to Reno who's help me recommending their menus as I was so confused to come here for the first time, he's so attentive to inform me their special menu (which is also match with my taste) Now to the Food, I got Honey Lemon Chicken Bowl and love it! The taste is so refreshing, I got an upset stomach recently and I can't eat spicy things yet, so this one is fit me well. Guess I want to try their sambal matah bowl next time. Sad to me that I can't eat much so I can't finish the rice (as it come with good serve of rice, I think people mostly will like it) so maybe I will ask for only small amount of rice next time. I also get Peach Flavored tea and love it too, it's not makes my throats itchy (if you have sensitive throats you will get what i mean) I will only review the cafe area but I think this place is great for working (well this is coworking space duh,) the wifi also works fine for me. Overall this is the best place for you to chill and work as well. The ambience, food, staffs, everything is perfect. Definitely recommended and will come back again~
· If you looking for a good place to work and chill at once look no more, just come to this place. Due to some experience, I kind of pessimistic about food in a co-join place (either it's half office, half shop etc) because sometimes the restaurant/cafe itself just be there for compliment the main business, so the food will taste so so , even bad. But this place makes me sh👀ks. Their food is EXTREMELY GOOD. What I order here is Chicken Sambal Matah Bowl, the price is IDR 35K/portion, and it's worth it! The sambal is so fragrant (I guess they use kind of tandusan oil), and the spicy level is just right. The chicken is so tender inside but crispy outside which is so gooood. Their beverage also great! The flavored tea is a great bliss in this heat (Welcome to Bali fellas!) , They have good variation of drinks so go check it out! The athmosphere is great, lots of comfy chair with pillow and wifi works good too! So if you want to do some works it will be suitable too Very recommended!

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