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Experience a carefully crafted living and working environment designed to cater to the unique needs of modern remote professionals.

 Kuta • Base

 ⤚Bali, Indonesia
🚪‍ private from €290/fortnight €430/month 🛖  studios  S 🧲 hub 🏨 hybrid common kicthenbedrooms in Sun Boutique Hotel above 🏋️ gym treadmill and dumbells only

 Kuta • Pararaton

 ⤚Bali, Indonesia
🚪‍ private from €270/fortnight €380/month 🛖  studios  M 🏋️ gym


 ⤚Bali, Indonesia
🚪‍ private from €325/fortnight €460/month 🛖  studios 🥈high ranking,  S 🧲 hub 🏋️ gym 🍽 meals café onsite