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t’s time to get this conversation started! We’ll be discussing amongst many things the Road to Resonance in persuit of #sovereignty This Friday at 4pm at Resonance Retreat Residences in Hermosa just south of Jacó Beach - Costa Rica 🇨🇷 See comments for event link.
Dinner at El Higueron - Family Open Kitchen The Banyan Tree or (Higueron in Costa Rica) is the national tree of India and is venerated for its ability to live and grow for centuries, thus representing longevity and immortality. In Hindu mythology, the Kalpavriksha, or Tree of Life, is divine and may fulfil wishes and assist in material gains. The Higueron Tree has medicinal uses, the milky white latex extracted from its leaves or figs has antiseptic properties and may be used to cauterize wounds. Its leaves and bark may be mixed with other ingredients for treatments from mouth ulcers, to skin diseases, to baldness. During your visit to Resonance Costa Rica, make sure you take the time to stop by and visit the giant Higueron on the entrance road to our community. You might be inspired to sit, reflect and meditate on what this tree of life might teach you.
Decide what kind of life your really want… And then, say no to everything that isn’t that! #resonance #nomad #entrepreneur #sovereign #costarica #coliving
Given that everything has a vibrational frequency, including ourselves, it makes sense that sound frequencies impact how we feel. That’s why we like to invite you to Jane Stark’s album release gathering this Sunday the 18th at Resonance’s Retreat Center. The album is called “SUNDANCE”. It arose very organically during the lockdown based on her experience of the last 10 years of self-research and diving into practices of awareness. It was simply her personal "go-to" in the intense times of unrest and separation. The theme of the album is enlightenment, the path towards oneself, peace and love. Jane has been putting all her insights and experiences of traveling and studying in India and Americas and Russia of course into this blend. We invite you to join her and make some space in your busy life, sit down, get comfortable, close your eyes and step together into the transcendent world of these songs. And once you feel a call - to dance! Let these songs carry you deep into the very essential. Invite Link in Comments.

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· I think Daniel and his team are doing amazing things in Costa Rica that will be impacting people from around the world! Its more then just a lifestyle; it's a mindset we all need to embrace. Thanks for everything!
· I love that, it is a happy united community and coexists with the nature of ecological way

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