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—discover coliving with— 🧮 co-ownership

Offering fractional ownership giving flexible use at reduced cost in return for becoming a stakeholder. See details of how it can work.

I'm looking to stay in a room that's

Hub House

 ⤚France⟶ Mplanning⚛️purposeful🤝cooperative🧲hub🏡village📶🎦⌨️workspaces from €shared onlypledges prepared; ~€3k/mo/share ensuite; ~€250/mo/expenses as a co-op

Chateau Chapiteau

 ⤚Georgia⟶ Llaunching🐿membership🌲rural⛰mountains🦺volunteering from €shared onlyland acquired, building commencing; goal to become diverse resort; ~€4k/mo/share


 ⤚USA⟶ Lplanning🌲rural🏞retreats👩‍💻workations from €shared onlytaking pledges; 20+ high-spec container-cabins, in California;~$10k/mo/share; ~$300/mo/expenses

 • Traditional Dream Factory

 ⤚Alentejo, Portugal⟶ Lforming☮️intentional⚛️purposeful🏡village🌾farming🛠makerspace from €shared only~€8.5k/mo/share with at-cost use; see proposal


 ⤚Bali, Indonesia⟶ M🌲rural🏝island⚛️purposeful🍽meals🍃terrace🌷garden from €210 in ensuite double; 10–30 year leases enquiries

Coliving Bansko

 ⤚Bulgaria⟶ M⛰mountains🏬town🧙magical🏘dispersed⌨️coworking🧲hub from €520; pledges being taken to complete a hotel shell as a 40-suite coliving hub; public rate from €550/month, with discounted use for investors; proposal, video update

Muse Society

 ⤚Indonesia⟶ Lforming⚛️purposeful🏡village👩‍💻workations⌨️workspaces🛠makerspace from €shared onlyfrom $4.5k (pod) – $12k (premium) /mo/share for early backers with significantly discounted use (~50%)


 ⤚multiple locations, ⟶ Lforming⚛️purposeful🌲rural🏞retreats👩‍💻workations🧘‍♀️wellness from €shared only(unconfirmed) ~€15k/mo/share with reduction against rates of ~$1600/month


 ⤚Costa Rica⟶ M🌲rural🏘dispersed👩‍💻workations☮️intentional🤔workroom🍽meals from €660 in 2-bunks; villas for sale


 ⤚Bali, Indonesia⟶ L⚜️premium🏡village🏝island🧲hub🏘dispersed🚪studios from €min 30 days; of villas for sale

🚧This is alpha. We're compiling — do tell us if you've feedback or have a space to add.

About co-ownership

Sharing ownership in collective accommodations can take many forms, from leases and timeshares😬 to those developed specifically to support coliving principles, such as the Cooperative Coliving models. Similar to subscription coliving, yet having part ownership giving reduced cost.

With fractional ownership you purchase equity shares in a property owning entity, of which the shares correspond to use having some form of flexible booking, and for which you contribute either at a discounted rate versus rentals, or at-cost.

Some are operated commercially through a private management company charging for the services provided, others are mutualised through an association or co-op, with variable cost contributions and participatory decision-making.

Every project has its own approach, and naturally when people get together to create spaces, we have different ideas so check your intentions before committing.👍

Most spaces look after all decoration and equipment as in a serviced-apartment, yet some may also offer dedicated units (or cohousing) allowing you to use it as a base, or indeed as a home. Some rent out unused time and distribute dividends, whilst others allow you to trade it, or may reallocate unused time to impact programmes. It can also be possible to swap time between spaces in different locations that work together.

Where any allocated use value has a lifetime expiry whence a renewal cost is imposed (e.g. after 20 years), be sure to confirm that your expected use, with the discounted rates and all additional costs, are sufficiently below market rental rates to make any risks worthwhile.