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Saint Charles

ย โคšFranceโŸถ ๐ŸฅƒoccasionalM๐Ÿฌtown๐Ÿจhotel๐Ÿ“…seasonal๐Ÿƒterrace๐Ÿ›ensuites๐Ÿ„surf from โ‚ฌmin 21 days; max 90 days in double ensuite

Greek Escape

ย โคšCreteโŸถ ๐ŸนregularXS๐Ÿฌtown๐Ÿ˜dispersed๐Ÿ–coast๐Ÿisland๐Ÿ›ensuites๐ŸŠpool from โ‚ฌmin 28 days in double (launch special)


ย โคšColombiaโŸถ ๐ŸนregularL๐Ÿ™cityโŒจ๏ธcoworking๐Ÿงฒhub๐Ÿจhostel๐Ÿƒterrace๐Ÿ›ensuites from โ‚ฌ140 in The Micro

Selinaโ€‰โ€ขโ€‰Miami River

ย โคšthe USAโŸถ ๐ŸนregularM๐Ÿ™city๐Ÿƒterrace๐ŸŠpool๐Ÿšชstudios๐Ÿ›ensuitesโŒจ๏ธdesk from โ‚ฌ710 in The Micro; Formerly operated by Roam.

Nomad Coliving

ย โคšCanadaโŸถ ๐ŸปengagedS๐Ÿ™city๐Ÿงcuratedโš›๏ธpurposeful๐ŸŒทgardenโŒจ๏ธworkroom๐ŸŽฆ๐Ÿ“ถ๐ŸšŒtransit from โ‚ฌmin 30 days; max 180 days in single

FISH Living

ย โคšthe USAโŸถ ๐ŸฅƒoccasionalS๐Ÿ™city๐ŸƒterraceโŒจ๏ธdesk๐ŸšŒtransit from โ‚ฌ230

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